New Survey Looks at How Marketers are Approaching the Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs [Infographic]

So what are your thoughts on ‘the metaverse’ and its coming applications for marketing? What about cryptocurrency, and offering crypto payment options, or NFTs and the potential for branded digital content that could help boost brand awareness?

There’s clearly a level of opportunity in each of these elements, but in most cases, it’s probably too early to be investing too much in the next stage just yet. Right?

These are among the questions that Unsupervised recently put to over 800 marketers to get their thoughts on where things are at, and where things are headed with the latest tech trends.

Among their key findings:

  • 41% of marketers believe that they understand the metaverse well – while more than 1 in 10 don’t understand it at all
  • Over half of those who understand the metaverse will be looking to use it in their marketing strategies this year
  • Accepting crypto payments and creating branded NFTs are among the top recommendations from marketers relating to new tech

It is still very early in development for many of these considerations, but things are moving fast, and there may well be extra opportunities for early movers in the space,

You can check out Unsupervised’s full survey report here, or take a look at the infographic summary below.

Source:, originally published on 2022-04-01 15:44:36