Meta Launches New ‘Collaborative Ads’ to Facilitate More Direct Sales Activity

Meta has released a new ad type that enables brands to collaborate with local retail partners that sell their products in order to maximize direct response to their ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Called ‘Collaborative Ads’, the process enables a brand to promote its products, with the subsequent sales process then re-directed to a partner in the consumers’ local region.

As you can see in this example, tapping on the ‘Shop Now’ button in this ‘Little Lemon’ ad refers the user through to Markt as the local delivery partner.

That’ll provide more opportunities for more businesses to meet consumer demand for direct action from their ads.

As explained by Meta:

These ads allow local businesses and consumer packaged goods brands to create awareness for their products next to options for people to order those same products from a local delivery service. This makes it easier for you to purchase the grocery items you need or your next meal when you discover it.”

To run a Collaborative Ad, businesses first need to find a participating business in each region that sells their products. This can be done via Meta’s retailer directory or via a contact in Meta’s sales team.

“To run ads, your retail partner will share a catalog segment with you. You’ll need to review and accept the terms and conditions via the notification in your account. Make sure that you are using a Collaborative Ads ad account or create a new ad account that you’ll only use with Collaborative Ads. If you are using a non-Collaborative Ads ad account, you can either convert that account or switch to an existing Collaborative Ads ad account that’s dedicated to your retailer partner.”

Collaborative Ads support awareness, traffic and sales objectives, while the process also ensures that your ads only show products that are in stock, with up to date pricing.

It could be a good solution for brands looking to drive more direct sales, and support retail partners – and with 57% of grocery shoppers looking to purchase products directly on the site where they discover them, it also aligns with emerging shopping trends.

Source:, originally published on 2022-09-20 22:25:09