LinkedIn Shares Insights into Ad Bidding Best Practices [Infographic]

Looking to get a better understanding of LinkedIn ads, and how you can maximize your paid campaigns in the app?

If so, then this listing is for you. LinkedIn has published a new overview of the various bid types used on the platform, along with tips on how and when to utilize each element.

As explained by LinkedIn:

When you launch a campaign on LinkedIn, all ads enter a second-price auction system per member visiting LinkedIn’s feed. The auction runs in the background in milliseconds, ranking bids from various advertisers competing for the same ad slot for a member. The bid is the maximum price you’re willing to pay for a key result, like a click. The bid type selected should be based on your marketing goals. Then a combination of relevancy, how likely a LinkedIn member will engage with your ad, and bid value determines which advertiser’s ad is shown to the member, and when.

Key info to have – you can check out LinkedIn’s new bidding one-pager below, while you can read more about LinkedIn bidding strategies here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-06-09 16:23:54