LinkedIn Previews New Post Analytics, as Well as a New Reaction Emoji

LinkedIn’s looking to provide more insight into content performance via new post analytics tools, which will show you details about the members that are reading your LinkedIn updates, how many Reactions each has received and more.

As explained by LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen:

We know it’s important to understand what content is resonating with your audience and our team has been hard at work building new analytics for our creators. Soon, creators will be able to get analytics on their individual posts and overall performance, across content & audience.”

As you can see in the above example screens, the new analytics will provide more specific insight into who, exactly, is reading your posts, filterable by job title, industry, location and more.

That could be a great way to ensure that your content is resonating with the people you want to reach. And if you have defined personas for your personal branding or marketing efforts, this could be a simple means to cross-check your audience, and refine your strategy based on the data provided.

Cohen shared the preview as part of a broader update of LinkedIn’s work on updating various platform features in response to user feedback.

In addition to this, Cohen also outlined LinkedIn’s development of newer tech trends, including the potential of NFTs in the app:

“When we think of any new technology, we start with the needs of our members and customers and how we can best connect them to economic opportunity. Then, we look at how we can best leverage innovative technologies to help meet those needs. The topics of Crypto, NFT, blockchain, and metaverse are all discussed frequently at LinkedIn as we continue to look for better ways to enhance your experience.”

So nothing on that front yet, but Cohen did also share one other interesting note – a new Reaction emoji is coming.

“One of the top requests we got was for a laughing emoji reaction. We hear you loud & clear and we agree. Humor is indeed a serious business.”

I guess that’s not an official confirmation, but it seems pretty close.

For reference, the current LinkedIn Reactions emoji set is this:

LinkedIn Reactions

LinkedIn added the ‘Support’ reaction in June 2020, in response to posts about the pandemic, building on the original five Reaction options.

And soon, you’ll have a laughing face response too – unless it replaces one of these. We’ll keep you updated on any progress.

But post analytics is the most significant update, and with LinkedIn continuously seeing record levels of engagement, and set to see even more activity in the post-COVID recovery, additional data like this could be a big help in maximizing your platform strategy.

You can read Tomer Cohen’s full ‘Building LinkedIn’ update here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-02-24 12:15:36