LinkedIn Previews New Job and B2B Product Search Options Coming in 2023

With 2022 coming to an end, LinkedIn has previewed some of its planned updates for the new year, including new job category filters, which align with trending career shifts, and improved search options for product listings in the app.

Yes, you can list your business products on their own pages on LinkedIn. In fact, there are over 90,000 product listings now active in the app.

First off, on LinkedIn’s new job search filters – in order to better align with the way that people are searching for their next role, LinkedIn will soon test new job listing categories, based on location, company, role flexibility and more.

As you can see in this example, LinkedIn’s job categories will split advertised roles into different, trend-aligned segments, to help you discover more opportunities aligned with different interests.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“We often hear from professionals that they would like to discover and explore new career opportunities, even if they are not actively pursuing another job. We’ve seen an increase in members who are ‘casually’ exploring job opportunities, especially ones that align more with their values and preferences (e.g. work-life balance, flexible work arrangements, up-skilling and career growth). To help professionals discover what’s possible for them, we are testing a new showcase of personalized job collections that don’t require members to articulate their needs in a search box.”

It could be a good way to find new ways to advance or shift your career, which, as LinkedIn notes, has become an increasing focus for many professionals.

LinkedIn says that it will begin testing these new job category listings ‘with a few industries and collections in the US’, with plans to expand quickly from there.

LinkedIn’s also looking to add new category filters for its product listings in the app, providing more discovery potential for its B2B product pages, which it first launched back in 2020.

LinkedIn product search

As noted, with tens of thousands of products now listed, LinkedIn’s hoping to build on its product search capacity, in order to expand usage of the app.

Which could provide new revenue-generation opportunities, both for brands and for LinkedIn itself, and it’ll be interesting to see whether product search does indeed become a bigger element of the LinkedIn experience.

These are just some of the changes that LinkedIn’s planning to roll out in 2023, as it continues to build on its position as the professional social network, and the place to be to discuss career and work opportunities.

And as more users consider exiting Twitter, amid uncertainty about the platform’s future, LinkedIn could end up being a beneficiary, with many professional discussions potentially shifting there instead.

I mean, LinkedIn doesn’t offer the real-time engagement of Twitter, but it does have various options for audio and video events, which could replace Twitter chats and the like.

Maybe. There’s still some way to go before we understand where exactly Twitter is headed.

Source:, originally published on 2022-12-30 20:53:29