LinkedIn Adds New Elements to its 'Services' Listings to Help Freelancers Generate Business

LinkedIn has added two new elements to its Services Pages, which enable freelancers and SMBs to list the services that they provide on their LinkedIn profiles, and be found for the same in search results.

Originally launched back in 2019, LinkedIn’s Services listings are available in your profile set-up options, and also connect into LinkedIn’s Services Marketplace for finding contract workers.

The new elements will provide more opportunity to add more credibility to your services listings – first off, LinkedIn will now enable users to link their LinkedIn Company Page into their Services listing.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Service Pages are connected to your personal profile while LinkedIn Pages are associated with an organization. Linking your pages offers a direct path from your LinkedIn Page to your Service Page for potential clients to view the services you provide. Your linked Page information will also appear on your Service Page when viewed on desktop.

So if you have a company page for your SMB or consultancy, you can now establish a link between your Services display and that Page.

Though it is specifically focused on small operators – the page linking feature is only available for single-admin LinkedIn Company Pages, and is available via the desktop version of the site only at this stage.

It’s essentially a means to expand on your services listing, and provide more context for your business and expertise.

In addition to this, LinkedIn will also now enable users to add a media showcase to their services pages.

“Use this section to give prospective clients a preview of what you can do by highlighting your favorite projects of press related to your services.”

That, again, provides more capacity to add context and credibility to your services display, by showcasing more about what you do, or how you’ve been recognized for such.

LinkedIn’s Services listings have already proven popular amid the rising gig economy, with over 2 million users already displaying their services in the app.

The new options give you more ways to win over potential clients, and they could be a big help in promoting and showcasing your skills in more ways.

Thanks to Matt Navarra for sharing the latest Services Pages update.

Source:, originally published on 2022-02-17 17:57:07