Later Just Hit 50K Followers on TikTok. Here's How We Did It

#1: Understand the Assignment 

When Later first joined TikTok, we quickly realized that the highly-curated world of Instagram wouldn’t translate. 

With fewer filters and more fast-moving trends, we knew we needed to post content that felt authentic, but TikTok was a brand new (and younger) audience for us, so figuring out what to post took some trial and error. 

Okay, a lot of trial and error. 

In the beginning, we filmed content that could be interesting to a broad audience of influencers, small business owners, and social media managers. 

But after looking at who was engaging with our posts, we quickly realized that social media managers were our main audience — so we niched down. Majorly.

This was a natural fit since we could easily relate to their struggles, already had insight into their interests, and could provide value by explaining Later’s social media scheduling tools. 

Knowing exactly who your audience is — and what content will resonate — is one of the biggest secrets for success on TikTok.

Get this right, and you’ve definitely understood the assignment. 

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Source:, originally published on 2022-03-04 11:14:44