Instagram’s Key Priorities for 2023

What Are Instagram’s Priorities in 2023?

After learning from the “ups and downs” of 2022, Instagram is looking to differentiate itself from the competition in 2023.

According to CEO, Adam Mosseri: “If we think about who we are and what we do… it’s that we bring people together over the things that they love.”

To achieve this, here are Instagram’s three key priorities in 2023:

  1. Inspire Creativity 

  2. Discover New Things

  3. Spark Connections

#1: Inspire Creativity

Remember the OG days of Instagram when everyone used filters like Mayfair and Nashville?

It was a chance to be creative and share content — without worrying too much about having the perfect feed.

And in 2023, Instagram wants to encourage users to be creative again.

They’ve rolled out new features like Reels templates and music in feed posts, and we predict we’ll see more customizable editing tools for photos, Stories, and Reels throughout the year.

In other words, if you’ve been thinking about giving your content a little refresh — now’s the time to experiment and get creative.

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#2: Discover New Things

“Instagram should be a place where you discover amazing things every time you use it,” says Mosseri.

This can only point to one thing: better discoverability tools.

Instagram’s already been tweaking its Explore page algorithm to better deliver content it thinks you’ll be most interested in:

Plus, with the ability to search by keywords and hashtags, users have been able to discover new accounts to follow and posts to interact with.

This year, we predict the Explore page will level-up and start serving more trending topics, relevant profiles, and content.

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#3: Spark Connections

In order to differentiate itself from other apps, Mosseri says Instagram wants to “spark connections between people over what they find.”

Instead of being a “lean-back experience,” Instagram wants to encourage more discussion and collaboration amongst users.

So, we’ll likely see more community-building features like Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections.

For brands and creators, it means you can connect with your audience in a more intimate way — whether it’s via exclusive behind-the scenes content, inspirational boards, or AMAs.

So there you have it: Instagram’s top priorities for 2023.

Buckle up, it’s bound to get interesting.

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Source:, originally published on 2023-01-13 08:14:24