Instagram Tests New Option to View Expanded Profile Image Display

This could be a handy update for all of you creepers out there trying to find people’s Insta profiles.

As per a new discovery by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, you may soon be able to view an expanded version of people’s IG profile image, by tapping and holding on it.

That could be handy for those times when the users’ profile image is so small that you can’t quite make out if it’s the person you’re looking for or not, while it could also put more emphasis on profile images in the app, as people will be able to easily view more detail if they choose.

It could also be part of Instagram’s integration of NFTs, with the expanded view being a good compliment to NFT display.

NFT profile pictures have lost some of their luster of late, largely due to the proliferation of scams, and the rising flood of rubbish ‘art’ that these scammers are pushing as a means to make a few bucks on the back of the trend.

These days, you have to do so much research on the background of an NFT project before you choose to ‘invest’ or not that it’s probably easier to just right-click and save if you like the visual style anyway – but for those that have already bought in, and are now too far gone to see logic, Instagram’s working on new options to display your precious JPEGs in its app in a new profile tab.

That could also be extended to profile images, and if you can expand them, maybe that’s a good way to maximize interest in your unique art.

If NFTs are a consideration here, then Instagram should probably move soon, because interest in NFTs, in general, is declining further every day, and soon, it’ll likely become so niche that displaying profile images in this way won’t be of much value.

Outside of this, of course, there is still value in providing larger previews for Instagram profile images, and it could be a handy option to have, and another creative tool to consider i.e. what can you add to your profile image that can only be seen when expanded?

It’s in early testing, and Instagram hasn’t yet provided any info on a plan for a larger roll out.

Source:, originally published on 2022-06-01 20:38:21