Instagram Tests Limited Stories Display With 'Show All' Button

Why Is Instagram Testing This Change?

For many, this UI test is a real head scratcher.

But when we look at else is going on at Instagram, it could all be part of a bigger plan.

Mosseri has repeatedly mentioned having a more “streamlined experience” on the app, and there’s a new 9:16 full-screen view for posts being tested in the Home feed.

With all this mind, it suddenly feels likely that we’ll see stories making their way into the main Home feed.

If you’re unsure on how this could work, take a look at how carousel posts are displayed in the new full-screen Home feed.

Image credit: @mattinamoderna

By limiting the number of stories to a maximum of three (alongside a new 60 second limit per story) this integration will feel much more seamless.

However, this is still a test — so whether this update will roll out to all accounts is yet to be confirmed.

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Source:, originally published on 2022-05-25 06:14:17