Instagram Shares New Tips on How to Instagram Reels for Marketing

This could be a big help if you’re looking to incorporate Reels into your Instagram strategy this holiday shopping season.

As part of its new series of updated how-to guides, Instagram has also launched a new, 23-page overview of how brands can use Instagram Reels for promotion and community building, which includes a range of key tips and notes on effective Reels usage.

And there’s a heap of helpful pointers and notes here – first off, Instagram provides an overview of why you should consider Reels, and the key strengths of the format.

‘The future of video storytelling on Instagram’. Pretty strong statement about where IG is headed – which further underlines why if you aren’t incorporating Reels into your Instagram marketing strategy yet, you’re likely already missing out on opportunities.

The guide also includes some helpful notes on Reels creation, including pointers on the ‘safe zones’ – i.e. where your content will and won’t be impacted by on-screen display overlays.

Instagram Reels for business guide

Of particular note are the stats that Instagram has included within each element, providing more context as to why you want to use, for example, effects in your clips.

Instagram Reels for business guide

There are also notes on Reels ads, and how to make best use of the format for paid promotions, including this chart of Reels ad dimensions:

Instagram Reels for business guide

There’s also a section on working effectively with creators:

Instagram Reels for business guide

As well as insights into utilizing paid partnership labels, Shops, products tags and more.

It’s a good guide, which packs a lot in, with the additional data and engagement insights providing a bit of extra kick to back up the tips and suggestions.

If you’re considering how you can utilize Instagram Reels in your digital marketing approach, it’s definitely worth a look.

You can download Instagram’s updated Reels for business guide here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-09-27 19:35:18