Instagram Launches Updated Creator Tags to Provide More Credit for Content Contributors

Instagram has launched a new tag type, which will enable creators to tag collaborators and influences within their images, based on their contribution, as opposed to a basic username or product, with their self-designated profile category displayed within the tag itself.

As you can see here, now, creators will be able to tag other creatives within an image, providing direct credit for those who’ve played a role in the development of that post, which could provide a big boost in exposure for people that are often unseen.

As explained by Instagram:

“As creators collaborate, inspire each other and drive culture forward on Instagram, proper crediting has never been more important. This is especially crucial for marginalized and underrepresented creators and collaborators whose contributions are often behind the scenes.”

Indeed, as we’ve seen in the backlash against TikTok, some Black creators have called out the platform for failing to provide adequate credit to originators of certain trends, which are often popularized by white influencers.

Instagram’s updated tags aim to address this, allowing a creator’s self-designated profile category on their professional accounts to be displayed within their People Tag, “so that people can share and view a creator’s specific contribution to a photo or video post.”

It’s a good update, moving tags beyond just basic usernames or products, and facilitating new use cases for the option, which as noted, could help in providing more credit for creators.

Which serves a key role in them building their presence.

“Proper creative credit and recognition is a starting point for discovery, new opportunities and economic empowerment. For many Black and underrepresented creators, crediting is an entryway to building a sustainable career as a creator, while combating cultural appropriation and ensuring the world knows who is driving culture.”

Now, if you love the creative elements of a certain post, you’ll be able to find out more about the specific creators, direct from the tag links, which could be hugely helpful in finding key talent, while again, providing additional exposure and promotion for these professionals.

To use Instagram’s updated creator tags:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the (+) in the top right corner
  • Create a new Post and tap ‘Next’
  • Make any creative edits then tap ‘Next’
  • After writing a caption, tap ‘Tag People’
  • Select ‘Add Tag’ and search and select your contributors
  • Tap ‘Show Profile Category’ to display the creator category
  • Tap ‘Done’
  • Once you’ve added any additional tags and details, tap ‘Share’

Source:, originally published on 2022-03-07 13:24:46