Instagram Launches 'Black Perspectives' Program to Highlight Black Creators in the UK

Instagram has launched a new campaign in the UK designed to highlight Black talent, and empower leaders in the UK Black community to inspire the next generation of users.

Called ‘Black Perspectives’, the program ‘aims to challenge the status quo by empowering Black creatives across various industries, including fashion, youth & community, entertainment and media’.

Instagram will highlight four unique projects, each supporting young emerging Black creatives.

The initiative is the latest in Instagram’s broader effort to better support marginalized communities, and help Black communities, in particular, amplify their voice, and get a broader share of audience attention.

The majority of this focus has been on the US, where Instagram has launched guides to help businesses show their support for the Black community, as well as showcase initiatives like #ShareBlackStories, which aim to honor the black community on the platform, and showcase relevant creators.

In the UK, Black creators also experience challenges based on race. A survey conducted last year found that 88% of Black music professionals have faced barriers to progression, while 63% of Black music creators have experienced racism within the music industry. 

Black-owned businesses were also disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, while the broader #BlackLivesMatter movement further highlighted the ongoing divides, particularly in US society, that lead to biased outcomes for the community.

As such, Instagram is looking to provide more opportunities where it can, and this new program will aim to provide professional support and promotion to further their careers.

The chosen creators will also work with Meta to help inform product and policy developments that support creator well-being and equity on Instagram, another key element of the initiative.

Source:, originally published on 2022-03-17 20:22:15