Instagram Introduces New Reels Length and Editing Tools for Creators

Instagram Introduces 3 New Updates for Instagram Reels

In a video this week with Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, three major Instagram Reels updates were revealed:  

  1. New 90 Second Instagram Reels Length

  2. Instagram Stories Stickers Coming to Reels

  3. Ability to Import Your Own Audio 

#1: New 90 Second Instagram Reels Length

After TikTok extended their video length to 10 minutes, we knew it wouldn’t be long before Instagram extended its Reels length.

And now it’s here: Reels can be up to 90 seconds long.

What does this mean for users? 

Well, for those who want to experiment with longer Reels, now’s your chance.

With 90 seconds, you can create longer tutorials, demos, behind-the-scenes, or vlog content. 

So… could a future 10 minute length be on the horizon (similar to TikTok)? 

At the moment, it’s hard to say. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Instagram extends Reels to the 5 minute mark in future. Watch this space. 

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#2: Instagram Stories Stickers Coming to Reels

Yep, you read that right: Instagram Stories stickers — specifically, the poll, quiz, and emoji slider — will be coming to Reels. 

What does this mean for users? 

The update will add an interactive element to your Reels, which can seriously boost engagement. 

Plus, it’ll open up new opportunities for storytelling. 

But how will it work? Will you be able to choose how long a sticker is on the screen? And what does this mean for Stories?

We’ve hypothesized that Instagram Stories will be moved into the main Home feed for a while — could this be step one of the big shift?  

#3: Ability to Import Your Own Audio

According to Meta, with this update you can “import your own audio directly within Instagram Reels — a game-changer for creating one-of-a-kind Reels on the go.”

With the Import Audio feature, you can use sounds from a video on your camera roll that’s at least five seconds long. 

What does this mean for users? 

With this update, Instagram is likely trying to encourage more “Original Audio” on the platform. 

The takeaway? It’s time to get creative with your Reels strategy! 

So, with all of the changes happening with Reels — which feature will you experiment with first? Let us know on Later’s Instagram account.

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Source:, originally published on 2022-06-08 12:05:08