Instagram Avatars Have Arrived. Here's What It Means

What Are Instagram Avatars?

Instagram Avatars are customizable 3D personas. They can mirror your physical traits, or reflect how you want to be perceived online.

And it turns out, they’re way more fun and inclusive than we expected.

You can customize almost everything – outfits, hairstyles, facial lines, and beyond. It’s like an advanced version of The Sims.

Unlike previous avatar apps, Instagram has skipped the option to define a gender. Instead, there are simply customization options that are expressive of gender.

Avatars can also have their own “digital goods” that are stored in limitless backpacks, purses, or pockets.

Read: NFTs have entered the chat. 👋

At the moment, Instagram Avatars can only be used on stories and DMs – but the future of Avatars holds a whole lot more.

According to Mosseri, Avatars will be the virtual identity you use to show up across the metaverse – whether that’s “an app built by Meta or another company.”

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Source:, originally published on 2022-02-10 11:48:56