How to Queer Eye Your Social Media Presence

While Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) is the crew’s resident grooming expert, he is also a major advocate for mental health and wellness

Serving more than just a killer blowout, JVN ensures everyone takes the time to check-in with their wellbeing and practice self-care.

So when it comes to the social media space, we imagine Jonathan would be asking us all: “How are you protecting your mental health, queen?”

Let’s face it, managing multiple social media accounts can be taxing. From never fully “switching off” to non-stop notifications, it can be difficult to find balance and keep your well-being in check. 

Ready to create a more mindful digital space? Here are our top three tips inspired by JVN:

  1. Set work-life boundaries (and stick to them!). Disable notifications after work hours and set time limits on your scroll sessions.  

  2. Take regular screen breaks throughout your working day. 

  3. Reclaim your weekends. Plan and schedule your content in advance with Later, so offline really means offline! 

And there you have it, some sage social media guidance inspired by the Fab Five.

From discovering your purpose to presenting a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, your social glow-up is just a dose of realness away. 

Because, no matter your social media presence, we could all use a little Queer Eyeing!

FYI: You can plan and schedule all of your social media content in advance with Later! Sign up today and start posting:

Source:, originally published on 2022-01-28 08:13:08