How to Hack the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2022

How Does the Instagram Reels Algorithm Work?

Much like Home feed posts, the Instagram Reels algorithm prioritizes videos based on what it believes a viewer will be most likely to interact with.

According to Instagram, the most important signals are:

  • Who: Whose posts are you interacting with? If you frequently like or comment on someone’s content, you’re more likely to see their posts in your feed.

  • What: What type of content do you engage with? For example, if you love beauty content, the algorithm will continue serving that type of content to you.

  • When: As digital creator Laurise McMillian explains, “This focuses on when a post has been posted to decide if it’s relevant to you.” It also takes into consideration how often you scroll on the app — so it will pick and choose what to prioritize.

Instagram also shared that the Reels algorithm will deprioritize content that is visibly recycled from other apps or is low-quality. 

In other words: original content is the focus. 

This is a move by Instagram to prevent creators from directly cross-promoting TikTok videos with visible watermarks.

It isn’t surprising when you consider how the two apps are competing for the same audience.

In a nutshell? If your videos are entertaining, funny, interesting, and high res, the Instagram Reels algorithm is more likely to suggest it.

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Source:, originally published on 2021-08-25 14:20:58