How to Go Viral on TikTok & Reels — With Original Content

6 Viral-worthy Original Content Ideas for TikTok and Reels

Need help coming up with original content ideas?

Here are six ways you can create scroll-stopping Reels and TikToks that don’t require the latest trends.

And bonus — you can come back to these again, and again:

  1. Vlog Your Day

  2. Talk to the Camera

  3. Start a Series

  4. Share a How-to or Tutorial

  5. Let Text Be The Star

  6. Start Your Own Trend

Idea #1: Vlog Your Day

Hitting the town? Take us with you!

Vlogs are as comforting and relaxing as they are interesting to watch, and there are so many ways you can get creative. 

Take your community behind the scenes by sharing a specific period of time.

Simply document your day (or days) with short video clips, and use a variety of angles.  

Draw inspo from content creator Kay’s Costa Rica trip recap: 

Couple it with an audio that reflects the vibe of your video, and your vlog is bound to be chef’s kiss. 

TIP: Always capture more than you need and opt for 5-10 second clips, so you have options when editing. 

Idea #2: Talk to the Camera

One of the best ways to leverage TikToks and Reels is by having a conversation with your audience.

Getting candid gives a more personal feel to your content and can keep viewers engaged.

Our suggestion? Tell a story, share your thoughts about a topic, or let your community get to know you a bit better.

See how TikTok creator zizzysizzle emulates the feeling of a FaceTime call with your bestie in this storytime GRWM:

The takeaway? Sometimes letting your personality shine is all you need for a viral moment. ✨

Idea #3: Start a Series

Just like a binge-worthy Netflix show, your audience is bound to stay engaged and keep coming back for more when you create a multiple-part series.

Plus, users get a sense of comfort in knowing what to expect from their favorite creators (and brands). 

On Instagram, Danielle Brown has a series featuring different vegan salad recipes:

And over on TikTok, Axel Tanner shares underrated tracks to add to your playlist:

Moral of the story? You don’t have to do something new every time to go viral. Consistency is truly key. 

TIP: Pop your TikTok series in a playlist to keep all your videos in one easy-to-watch place.

Plan and schedule your series content in advance with Later — the ultimate social media management platform. Create an account today:

Idea #4: Share a How-to or Tutorial

Don’t keep your hidden talent a secret, because it could land you a top spot on the For You page or the Reels Explore Feed.

Exhibit A: Recipe videos tend to go viral (and for good reason). See how this jollof rice recipe by food creator RG landed him 2M+ views: 

But it’s not just food creators and brands that this tactic works well for — a good how-to is appreciated across all niches. 

Exhibit B: Check out this TikTok of NYC designer Anna Molinari as she walks her audience through a shirt-cropping hack:

Remember: gatekeeping doesn’t make friends (or viral videos). 

Idea #5: Let Text Be The Star 

This idea really is as easy as it sounds — and it has the power to pull great numbers. 

Have an inspiring quote or a hot take to share? You technically don’t have to say it out loud. 

Simply plop your text on top of any video that fits the vibe and watch those numbers roll in. 

Get inspired with this raw and real one from Melanie Laurene:

The more relatable, the better (proof: check out the engagement in Melanie’s comment section). 

Idea #6: Start Your Own Trend

Why participate in a trend when you can start your own?

We’ve seen brands and creators post original content that makes both their video and audio go viral. 

And while the best trends happen by accident, an intentional funny clip can take you places too. 

A superstar example is this one from Mahdi Woodard:

The video was funny enough on its own, landing 2.6M views. 

But his audio is also being used by creators and brands of all niches to share their Reels. It’s been in over 155K Reels (and counting):  

The takeaway? Low-lift original content has the potential to get you more than one viral moment, all with one video. 

And there you have it — all the proof, tips, and tricks you need to go viral on TikTok and Reels with original content. 

Let this be your reminder to experiment and let your personality shine — you never know whose screen it could land you.

Put your effort into creating scroll-stopping original content and leave the rest to us. Sign up for Later to schedule your social media content in advance — create an account for free!

Source:, originally published on 2023-01-27 13:18:59