Every business needs their own website to have an online presence, and with a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, information “at your fingertips” has never before been more prolific. Mobile devices have become the most common sources for people to search on the internet, and mobile apps make it simple to connect with brands, shop online, and provide convenient features.
Businesses and brands need to build their own iOS and Android mobile apps to stand out amongst their competition. However, choosing the right agency to design and develop their mobile app can be challenging. Here are few tips on choosing the best mobile app development agency for your organization, brand or event:

Determine your feature requirements

Research what features and functionality you want your app to include, your goals and expectations, and how it will fit your business model. Find and compare similar apps on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, and note their user-friendliness, and anything similar you’d want to include or exclude in your app. This will be very helpful when describing to a app developer what you expect from your app.

Agency Experience

Knowing how long an app development agency has been in business, helps to determine its credibility in the marketplace. As with web design, a staggering amount of “app developers” are living in their parent’s basement. Choose an agency who’s got the experience. For example, B2 Web Studios has been in business since 2002, and has been building mobile apps for clients since 2008.

Live Portfolio

It’s not necessarily the number of apps an agency’s developed that’s important, but the quality of the work delivered. Ask to see their live portfolio. Test out the apps made by them when are already out in the wild. That will help to give an accurate idea of what they can deliver for you.

Client references

References from existing clients are extremely important. It gives an idea of their experience with a particular agency and whether it fits your requirements and culture

Establish a budget

Once you decide what “bells and whistles” you want from your app, you’ll need to focus on a budget. Consult a few different app development agencies to get an idea of the price range in the market, based on the size of app – and the quality of the developer. Getting a high-quality app on a reasonable budget is what you should aim for, but depending on the features you need, you may need to budget $20,000 to $50,000 or more, based on complexity. If a developer is charging rock-bottom prices, it may indicate the quality level you may be receiving, or they might just be starting out with mobile app development. The phrase “you get what you pay for” definitely holds true when developing a mobile app.

Agency Transparency

The mobile app development agency you choose should provide a legal contract, be able to clearly tell you all the ins and outs of the development process, their timeline, and any requirements they have. There needs to be good communication so you both stay on the same page.

Developer Skills

The developer(s) at your chosen agency should have exceptional coding skills in coding for iOS (Objective-C or Swift) and Android (Java), and other various mobile frameworks (Angular JS, React, NodeJS). Designers and creative folks should have examples of user interfaces and user experiences (commonly called “UI/UX”) to make the very best app for your customers. Having a mobile app development agency which excels in delivering innovative and unique mobile apps can set you apart from your competitors and delight your customers.


A fast delivery time is important, but if a developer promises a three-week turnaround time, is that really enough time for perfecting a design and properly testing it – both internally, and with you? Timeframes should be clearly defined in your proposal or contract – but too fast or slow of a turnaround time can be an indication of your developer’s skillset.
Hopefully, these few tips have helped to simplify the process of hiring a mobile app development agency for your next big idea!