How to Batch Create Your Social Media Content [Infographic]

A key element of any effective social media marketing strategy is consistency, and posting at a regular enough rate to keep your audience engaged and interested in your brand and offerings.

But that’s generally easier said than done. Reading an advice post which says that you need to post every other day is one thing, but creating the actual content that’s required in order to align with that cadence is something else.

Because content creation takes time, time that small business owners, in particular, simply don’t have. At least, not regularly – which is why batch creation of your social posts, and scheduling them to go live throughout the week or month, can be a more effective way to maintain consistency, and tap into key events and opportunities.

Which is where this overview from the team at Giraffe Social Media may help. In the below graphic, the team from Giraffe has outlined a basic approach to batch content creation, which may seem obvious in many respects, but putting down a defined, set plan as to how you’re going to go about filling out your schedule can have big advantages.

Source:, originally published on 2022-07-04 19:15:33