How to Automate LinkedIn Posts

What Are the Benefits of Using LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Automating your LinkedIn marketing strategy comes with a whole host of benefits, from increasing your efficiency to gaining a more holistic view of your content plan.

Benefit #1: Post Consistently

According to LinkedIn, profiles that publish regularly can double their engagement.

By using LinkedIn automation software, you can make sure you always have something to post ahead of time. You can quickly identify gaps in your content plan and identify where your posts might feel repetitive, so you can improve your coverage and drive better results on the platform.

Benefit #2: Maximize Efficiency

Batch creating LinkedIn posts in advance is a great way to maximize your efficiency – and as a social media manager, time is often a limited resource.

Creating and scheduling several posts in one focused power-hour means you can free up time for other tasks, like analyzing performance or planning your next campaign.

Plus, Later has tons of built-in features that streamline the end-to-end content creation process, such as image editing tools and saved caption templates.

Benefit #3: Improve Cross-team Collaboration

Using a LinkedIn automation tool can also improve cross-team collaboration and reduce the risk of posts “falling through the cracks” on a busy team.

Once a post is scheduled to go live, that’s it.

And with one centralized dashboard, every team member can see exactly what’s coming up and add notes to the content calendar. It’s great for cross-team visibility and communication.

Improve your LinkedIn strategy with Later’s LinkedIn automation tools today, for free!

Source:, originally published on 2021-09-15 11:12:04