How Reels Have Impacted Engagement Rates on Instagram

Why Have Instagram Feed Posts Seen a Decline in Performance?

In a nutshell: The introduction of Instagram Reels in August 2020. 

It’s no secret that Reels are a priority for the app, and as such, other post types have taken a back seat. 

For those who have pivoted to Reels, engagement rates have remained consistent — or, even better, seen positive growth.

At Later, for example, we’ve seen a 500%+ increase in our engagement rate since embracing Reels as part of our Instagram strategy.  

In 2019, Later’s average engagement rate was 1.28%. Now, in 2022, it’s 9.09%.

Of course Later’s Instagram strategy includes more than just Reels, but they’ve clearly been a huge catalyst for reach and engagement.

Source:, originally published on 2022-06-15 10:08:59