Google Showcases Latest Halloween Trends with ‘Frightgeist’ Mini-Site

Google has brought back its Halloween ‘Freightgeist’ mini-site once again, which highlights all the key Halloween costume trends across the US, and even provides a costume wizard tool to help you come up with the best option for your Halloween approach.

The main Frightgeist listing shows the most searched for costumes in the US, which you can filter by nation or local listings.

Tap through on any result and you’ll get a Google Trends style overview of that costume’s popularity, including where it’s most popular and related trends.

Google Frightgeist 2022

There’s also a map so you can check in on the most popular Halloween costumes in each state.

Google Frightgeist 2022

And as noted, there’s also a costume wizard, where you can enter a ‘spookiness’ and ‘uniqueness’ level, and Google will provide you with a costume recommendation, based on trend data.

Google Frightgeist 2022

It’s an interesting overview of the top Halloween trends, which could also help marketers better understand the most popular themes in each region, which may help to guide your brand messaging and/or visuals.

But mostly, it’s just a bit of fun. You can check out Google’s Frightgeist mini-site for 2022 here.

Source:, originally published on 2022-10-16 20:20:32