Clubhouse Launches Dark Mode, Tests New Interactive Games

Clubhouse is the latest app to jump on the dark mode train, with its own take on the low light display option now being rolled out on both Android and iOS.

As explained by Clubhouse:

“[Dark mode is] exactly what you’d expect — light, but not too light, text on a velvety dark background. This makes it easier for night owls to hang on Clubhouse until the wee hours of the morning (and might save your battery life a bit, too).”

Not sure about the battery life, but dark mode options are designed to save your eyes, and improve your overall health, by reducing the impact on your Circadian rhythms that blue light emission can cause.

Blue light display helps to improve your device’s readability in the daylight, but in low-light situations, blue light can cause your brain to stop producing melatonin, which can then lead to disrupted sleep cycles, making it harder to fall and stay asleep.

So while most dark mode fans just like that they look cool, like a different variation of your favorite apps – a ‘shiny’ iteration, if you will – the option does actually serve a functional purpose, and it is worth switching on dark mode if you’re going to be staring at your small screen into the night.

Which you can now do on Clubhouse as well – which is primarily audio anyway, so really, you probably don’t need to look at the screen so much?

Either way, you now have dark mode to consider. You can switch on Clubhouse’s dark mode by going to ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Dark mode’. From there, you’ll have the option to leave dark mode on full-time, or to match your device settings (i.e. convert to dark mode after a certain time each evening).

Clubhouse dark mode is rolling out on iOS and Android from this Thursday, April 14th, and Clubhouse expects the full rollout to take ‘a couple of days’.

And one other piece of Clubhouse news – Clubhouse is also now testing games rooms as another engagement and conversation prompt option.

Clubhouse Games

Clubhouse’s new games rooms will enable users to host social games in the app, beginning with a new ‘Wild Cards’ option which presents a series of questions designed to spark conversation in the app.

So there’s that too – if you’re still using Clubhouse, that is.

Source:, originally published on 2022-04-13 14:14:37