Bulk Uploads for Instragram, Media Library Release

Keeping all of your photos, videos, and marketing materials organized is a major challenge for content creators and marketing managers. Today we’re excited to introduce three major updates to Latergramme to help you upload, store, and manage all of your visual content for social media! Now you can:

  • Bulk upload photos and videos for Instagram

  • Store and share media for multiple social profiles with our new Media Library

  • Schedule Instagram posts quickly with the drag and drop feature

Here at Latergramme, we’re working to make it easier for you to manage all your visual content and media in a single place, so your entire team can access and share it across your social media profiles. We hope you like it! Here’s a look at what’s new in Latergramme:

Bulk Upload for Instagram

We’ve made it super easy to upload multiple photos and videos at once into Latergramme (no more uploading images one by one!). Bulk uploads for Instagram is our most requested feature, and it’s designed to help you save a ton of time managing your media content. All of your media uploads will be stored in our new Media Library, and all media is shared between the Instagram profiles you’ve connected to Latergramme, so you only have to upload photos once.

Some things to note: once you’ve uploaded your media, you can continue to work in Latergramme while your photos and videos are uploading. Upload as much as you want – photos and videos don’t count towards your post count until you’ve scheduled them.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

We’ve changed the workflow for creating posts in Latergramme to help save you more time when scheduling Instagram posts. Now, you’ll start by uploading all of your photos and videos to the media library (see above). Next, you can just drag and drop the photo or video onto the calendar to create a post, crop an image, add a caption, or edit the scheduled time. Once you’ve scheduled a post on the calendar, it will count towards your post count for the month.

Want to post the same image on multiple Instagram accounts? Now you can easily create new posts from your “used media” to post on the other Instagram accounts you have connected in Latergramme. No need to upload the same photo or video multiple times for multiple accounts! If you want to change the crop on a photo, you can now edit the scheduled post instead of having to upload and try again. In addition, you can now edit the crop on scheduled images, so there is no need to delete a post and then upload it again if the crop wasn’t correct the first time. We made this new workflow to help save you time and make planning your Instagram account as easy as possible.

Organize and Manage All of Your Visual Content

We’re building the best place to put all your visual media. Organizing your visual marketing materials for social media is a major challenge for marketers. Between Google Drive, Dropbox, email attachments, and links to other file storage systems, keeping track of where all of your photos and videos are stored is hard!

With Latergramme’s new Media Library, all of your visual content is kept in one place, making it easy for you to pull up a specific photoshoot quickly. With Media Library, you can store all your photos and videos, and label your sets or photo shoots so it’s easily searchable the next time you need it. Now you’ll never have to wonder where that one photo is again!

New Features:

We know it’s a challenge to manage all of your photos and videos, and for many of us, finding the right ones at the right time is even harder. That’s why we want you to be able to quickly bulk upload your image and videos, store them in one place, and then organize them with labels so that you can quickly find them for later. Let’s make finding that perfect photo for your next campaign as easy as it should be.

Here’s a recap of our new features to help you manage your visual content for Instagram:

  1. Bulk upload photos and videos: drag and drop onto Latergramme on the web

  2. All of your media is now shared between connected Instagram profiles

  3. Organize your media by labeling and searching them in the Media Library

  4. You can schedule one media item multiple times, no more re-uploading!

  5. Edit the crop on your scheduled image instead of uploading a new one

  6. Only scheduled posts count towards your post limit – upload as many media items as you want!

Bulk uploads and our new Media Library is now available to all Later accounts, start using it today!

Source: later.com, originally published on 2021-07-08 18:50:45