9 Easy Instagram Reel Ideas for Businesses in 2022

#9: Create a Timelapse

Everyone loves behind-the-scenes content — whether it’s a day in the life, a morning routine, or a glimpse into how a product is made.

Case in point: Take graphic designer, Adam The Ill-ustrator, who has a series showcasing his process for drawing new illustrations. 

The result? Multiple Reels with over 100K views:

Film yourself working, brainstorming, or simply going about your day, and then use a free timelapse tool to speed it all up. 

Coupled with some on-screen text, and a caption with a clear CTA, and you’ll be good to go.

There are so many ways to create Instagram Reels, even if you have limited video skills. In fact, you can create high-performing Reels without filming a single piece of footage! 

So, will you be trying any of these easy Reels ideas for businesses? Let us know over on Later’s Instagram account. 👋 

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Source: later.com, originally published on 2022-07-07 10:58:39