9 Brands with Killer Content Strategies

Did you know that Snapchat content is reaching 41% of all 18-37 year olds across the United States? Between ads, sponsored geofilters, and successful stories, Snapchat is ready for the brands to arrive. To help you create your content strategy for Snapchat, here are 9 things you need to know about how to use Snapchat for business!

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1. Keep it Short

ASOS (@ASOSfashion), a global fashion label for 20-somethings, is a leader in millennial marketing with 4.7m followers on Instagram and daily Snapchat updates that subtly promote their product.

ASOS keeps their snaps quick and colourful in order to keep viewers from flipping away from their story. They create vibrant illustrations and layer emojis and stickers over the photos to engage the wandering eye. Their Snapchat also shows behind-the-scenes content, like the ASOS design team shooting the latest campaigns around the world, and they also show sneak peeks of what’s in store for ASOS fashion 2017!

???? Pro Tip: Keep your snaps brief so your audience stays engaged and doesn’t drop out of your story!

2. Collaborate with Takeover Hosts

Airbnb (@airbnb) is a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations all over the world, so it couldn’t be more fitting for the brand to use Snapchat to showcase the amazing cities to visit.  

Airbnb hands their Snapchat over to influencers across the globe to showcase events and attractions in different cities. To celebrate Bastille Day in France, Airbnb handed over their account to a French fashion and travel blogger who took viewers on a tour around the city and shared a wee bit of history about Paris. Takeovers are a great way to expand your audience and engage new communities online.

???? Pro Tip: Host weekly takeovers with influencers who suit the tone of your brand to capture their audience and keep delivering quality content week over week.

3. You Don’t Have to Snap Every Day

Burger King’s (@BurgerKing) keeps their Snapchat strategy simple and straightforward. Burger King’s social team doesn’t snap every day or as frequently throughout the day, but when they do update their snap story it’s certainly worth taking a moment to watch. The snaps run a bit on the longer side, but work to get their audience involved, such as on National French Fry Day when they shared a phone background and asked their followers to screenshot it.

???? Pro Tip: You don’t have to snap for the sake of snapping, waiting until you have something awesome to share can make it so your followers are excited to see a story from you.

4. Cross-Promote with Instagram

Free People (@freepeople) is a clothing brand designed to attract the 26-year old girl who is smart, creative, and adventurous, making Snapchat a prime platform to attract their target demographic. They have nailed their content strategy on Snapchat and Instagram by using both platforms to promote fashion and their latest products. 

Free People’s Snapchat stories share  behind-the-scenes shoots, and they host giveaways on their Snapchat for their followers to participate in. To enter, they ask their audience to snap them back and provide their location, name, and Instagram handle.

???? Pro Tip: cross-promote your Instagram and Snapchat handles to turn your Instagram followers into Snapchat friends, and vice versa.

5. Get Brand Ambassadors Involved

Lululemon (@lululemon) is a yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company with a vibrant ambassador community to help them consistently promote their company vision. Like many brands, Lululemon’s Snapchat hosts include their social team, but they also tap into their ambassadors from all over the world. The content is consistently varied and engaging with a good blend of both video and photos to mix things up for their viewers. Their live story from Wanderlust Festival shared a mix of activities from the event and even a few snaps from supermodel Karlie Kloss. 

???? Pro Tip: Engage brand ambassadors who can contribute to your Snap story via their own channels to support and promote your brand.

6. Switch Up Your Content

Nasty Gal (@nastygal) is a women’s clothing company founded by #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso, and their Snapchat is as quippy and edgy as the founder herself. Their content is consistently engaging and edgy, including shorter snaps that end faster than you can tap to the next clip! From interviews with the Nasty Gal social team, to takeovers with fashion bloggers, and even running around the streets playing Pokemon Go, this is the perfect example of how to keep your snaps short and entertaining for your community!

???? Pro Tip: Have a variety of snaps to break up the story, layering scenery, food, and people as you would in you Instagram posts, and make use of both photos and video content!

7. Use Emojis, Filters and Illustrations Sephora

Sephora (@sephora) is widely known as a beauty trailblazer, and their dedication to their Snapchat content strategy makes them digital trailblazers too. Sephora focuses on providing varied content with frequent snap updates throughout the day to keep their story at the top of your Snapchat feed, that are often peppered with emojis and decorated with illustrations and Snapchat filters. You’ll see trips to Sephora-sponsored events and spas, tips on how to change up your beauty regime and skin care, and announcements about their latest products! Sephora also shares details for their Facebook AMA’s where they interview beauty professionals around the world.

???? Pro Tip: Promote your product and provide details and messaging about your brand, but this doesn’t have to be the main event in every snap story that you create.

8. Post at Peak Times

Starbucks (@starbucks) is well-known for their frothy frappuccinos and hot brew coffee, and they plan their Snapchat stories around their physical store’s peak times. Starbucks updates their snap story everyday, usually in the morning and mid-afternoon for their followers to view during peak times (and start craving a drink). The typical snap includes a video of one of the Starbucks seasonal drinks, with their cold brew coffee and frappuccinos are taking over during summer. They also provide their followers with take-home recipes for their community to make in their own kitchens.

???? Pro Tip: Timing can be everything on Snapchat, so focus on having your Snapchat story at the top of the feed by posting at the best times for your business.

9. Announce New Products on Snapchat

Taco Bell’s (@tacobell) social team doesn’t snap everyday or as frequently throughout the day, but when they do share a short story they take advantage of their audience’s attention. The snaps are super short and often lead up to a big announcement, like the new Triple Double Crunchwrap Supreme! Taco Bell will keep your eyes and taste buds tantalized with their snaps, and you just might want to stop in the closest store for some snacks.

???? Pro Tip: Build hype around your product launch or a new feature by creating short Snapchat stories to pique the interest of your followers.

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