7 Tips on Providing More Support for Your Social Media Team [Infographic]

Working in social media is far more than posting witty tweets and trending memes. It takes creative skill, analytical nous, an understanding of the platforms, and the tools that you have at your disposal, in order to generate the best results for your brand and/or clients.

It’s hugely time-consuming, always changing, which requires expanded educational investment, and the work is, in general, under-appreciated as a whole, in the scope of its broader influence.

Indeed, the top reasons why people quit social media jobs as identified in a recent survey were ‘stress’, ‘lack of work-life balance’ and ‘lack of appreciation’ for the work that they do.

With this in mind, it’s worth taking a moment to consider the impact that your social media manager has on your brand and marketing efforts – and if you want to play a more active role in facilitating a positive work environment, this listing of tips from Emplifi will help.

The team from Emplifi have put together a set of top tips for supporting your social team, which could help you develop a better process.

Worth considering – check out the infographic below.

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com, originally published on 2022-02-20 19:48:00