5 Creative Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Using Pinterest

Grow Your Instagram with Pinterest #5: Share Your Instagram Stories as Pins

Did you know that you can repurpose your Instagram Stories content for Pinterest by sharing it as a Pin?

This is something we’ve been doing a lot with Later’s Pinterest account with really great results.

Here’s how to do it:

Unlike Facebook Stories, there’s no way to automatically post to Pinterest from Instagram, so you’ll need to get a little creative.

To begin, head to your Instagram Stories and tap the ellipsis button in the bottom-right corner and tap Save. Here, you’ll have the option of downloading that individual story or all of your stories as an MP4 file.

Keep in mind that any interactive elements in your Instagram Stories, like stickers or swipe-up CTAs, won’t be “clickable” on Pinterest.

If you haven’t included anything like this, you can go ahead and share to Pinterest as is. But if you do, it’s a good idea to edit your video to remove them.

Finally, just upload your story to Pinterest as you normally would!

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most visual social media platforms out there, and when used together, they can help you extend the personality of your brand and build deeper connections with your followers.

But remember: don’t just collect fans and followers! If you want to truly grow your Instagram with Pinterest, your need to engage with your audience. Give them a reason to follow you by creating unique and helpful content.

Don ’t forget! You can schedule and automatically your Instagram and Pinterest content for free with Later!


Source: later.com, originally published on 2021-08-26 07:00:21