4 Reasons to Consider New Google Analytics 360

GA4 Properties Warrant Revisiting Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 has been a valuable, premium option for many enterprises that loved much of what GA had to offer but that needed premium support. But for some it may still not have been worthwhile to upgrade their Universal Analytics properties.

However, as we transition to Google Analytics 4 properties, it’s worth taking a look at upgrading to the New Google Analytics 360, the premium upgrade for GA4.

Here are four top reasons you may want to consider the New Google Analytics 360:

1) Extended Data Retention

For Google Analytics 4 properties up to 14 months of data can be retained, but for New Google Analytics 360 you can set retention up to 50 months.

While with both you’ll be able to maintain data longer by exporting to BigQuery, being able to pull a full year over year (24 months) is a common need, so if you find yourself often going back further than 14 months, you’ll want to consider New Google Analytics 360.

2) BigQuery & Larger Data Retention

One of the best new features of standard Google Analytics 4 properties is the ability to export your raw data to BigQuery daily for analysis outside of the Google Analytics interface. However, you are limited to exporting 1 million events per day, if you’re hitting this limit, upgrading to New Google Analytics 360 supports exporting 20 billion events per day, giving you access to all your data via BigQuery.

3) Granular Data Collection with Higher Data Limits

If you’ve started setting up your Google Analytics 4 properties you may already have encountered some challenges in maxing out your custom dimensions and metrics. A few key limit increases:

  • 100 (vs. 25) parameters sent with hits
  • 125 (vs. 50) custom dimensions & metrics
  • 100 (vs. 25) user-scoped custom dimensions
  • 50 (vs. 30) custom conversions

4) Custom Reports & Tailored Navigation

With Universal Analytics 360, you work your way through a navigation filled with reports, and while you probably know just how to get to the 3-4 you need regularly, what you access is probably different than your coworkers.

With New Google Analytics 360 you can create custom reports and add them into the menu, which can be customized for each user or groups of users.

Not only do I like this feature for the time savings for each individual user, but to also make data more accessible to team members who may have avoided GA in the past as another tool to use.

Your power users will use it regardless, but setting up a few reports to help your email marketing team explore GA data could open new opportunities and discussions.

Determine Your Analytics & Insights Needs

There are even more benefits of the New Google Analytics 360 than we’ve touched on above, such as:

  • Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Sub-properties & Roll-up properties
  • Higher audience limits
  • Higher API quotas
  • and more!

Still, the best way to determine what New Google Analytics 360 features are worthwhile for your business is to start the process of setting up your GA4 properties and switching to GA4.

If you’re interested in learning more about how New Google Analytics 360 might work well for your team, contact Seer for more information.

Or, if you’re just getting started with Google Analytics 4 properties, find out about our Google Analytics 4 support.

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Source: www.seerinteractive.com, originally published on 2022-03-21 15:09:21