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May 31, 2018

Web Design today becomes a measure to judge that your business will run successfully or go slow. For an attractive website design, you should take the help of professional team or people. Your web design covers many areas of your business. Your website design should carry an excellent look and a user-friendly interface. It takes a lot time to make a proper design for your website. It needs HTML and CSS language to make an outstanding design. It requires a planning before you start work on it. As per a well-known survey, it is true that a visitor spends only seven seconds on a website to judge whether to continue that site or not.

Therefore, it is necessary to think that how to build your design different from your competitors. Design catches a visitor’s attention. If you have, some special ideas for your web design, then share it with your website builder. With a stunning design, you can attract more customers to your site, and thereby you will gain more profit. There are many theme-based designs that people use in their website according to their business profile. If you are running a business, give your design a professional look. Every class of people salaried persons, either professionals or businessperson likes to visit such website. A well-maintained and professional site always creates the impression on visitors.

Once you made a design, it will stay long for years. It is a single time expense and provides a lifetime income. Many enterprises often change their outlook of a website and apply a different theme. People often discuss on forums and social sites about the good-looking site that brings the traffic to your site. Even search engines, as Google likes a stunning website. Google observes the features of a site in terms of navigation, loading time, design, fresh content. It helps SEO to keep their site on a higher rank. It will also increase the ratio of daily visitors on your site.

Before selecting a web design maker, you have to check the portfolio and receive feedback from a reliable source. Understand all the terms and working patterns of a web design maker. If any confusion arises during the work, try to sort out those things and make your work easy.

Summary: Website design is a mirror of your business success. The more it is clear, the more you will gain benefits from it.

Source by Abel Wike

May 28, 2018

In the world of technology communication has become easier than ever. The world has now shrunk from a vast populated land to a network of communicating individuals living in a global village. People from all over the globe have come closer together and distances have decreased to the extent that an individual is merely a click away.

In this ever-growing network of people a new theory has emerged, the idea of 6 degrees of separation. The idea behind this is that between you and any another person in the world is only a chain no longer than six people. This emphasizes the significance of online communication and the way it has made the world a whole lot smaller.

This is the power of social media and the developments in online communication. A happening in one part of the world reaches to the second part in a matter of seconds. Imagine if that news or happening was about you. The significance of this technology is the ease it provides. Using this tool to your advantage can give you a large number of benefits.

Social Media Marketing brings global fame to your name.

This is your ticket to international level fame. Your company or your name could be known throughout the globe with millions of followers and fans. Millions of people can access these sites where people come to communicate online and express their views. Once you step into the world of the social media marketing all of these people become your potential prospects. Your services are merely a single search away.

Promote your business or product as a serious product.

This technology provides you access to virtually the whole world and all its inhabitants. They are there to read and share anything that you have to say. This is your chance to establish an image for yourself that “Hey! I am here to do business” and “I am serious about the product or services that I provide”.

Brings you closer to thousands of people without much effort.

Social media marketing is practically free. If you were to attempt to reach out to millions of people through physical means you would have to make a lot of investments. This technology is the way to most efficiently reach out to your potential clients, not only in terms of finances but in terms of time as well.

Gives you feedback on the type of viewer you have.

An interesting thing about marketing on these social websites is the level of feedback that you can expect. Using social media marketing can in fact educate you about the people who are or might be interested in your product or service. This gives you a better chance of altering your campaigns to gain improved results. You may learn about the number of people who visit you page, or the ages of people who comment or share your posts, or even their ethnicities, localities, religion, hobbies and preferences. You educate the world about your product and social media marketing educates you about the people who took interest in it. You get to know them personally through the network of social media.

Established an efficient communication channel between you and your client.

Your client may have some issue or he may need help or want to enquire more about your product. Your presence on social media allows you to respond to him on a personal level. This in turn assures the client that you are responsible and instills a sense of trust.

Your company is seen as a person.

Generally people might not prefer to do business with a company or a corporation and prefer to work with individuals. This is because a person is real; he has a real presence in this world, he is someone you can relate to, he has feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Having your business on the social media gives it a human personification. It appears to be more of an individual than a company; someone people can talk to; someone people can reach out to. This creates a comfort zone between the clients and your company and produces benefits for both.

Makes you more accessible.

Social media sites ensure your presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You client can easily drop off a message and you can choose to reply as soon as you wish. This strengthens the bond between you and your customer and inspires a feeling of loyalty for your brand. This constant availability cannot be found when dealing with a physical office due to office opening and closing times. This ease for the customers to reach out to you in their time of need can only be ensured by social media.

Social media levels the playing field.

Whether you are a multinational company or a single person start-up, in the world of social media you are all on the same level. Your finances and resources may not make much of a difference when it comes to social media. What does make a difference is your skill to communicate and attract people and the quality of the product or services that you provide. In the physical world, new start-ups would face immense financial difficulties in trying to promote themselves, while the marketing of giant enterprises would continue to dominate. Social media network gives you a fair playing field to show your true spirit and skill.

You might discover new potential clients or customers.

While reviewing your feedback of viewers you might begin to see obvious patterns in your business response. People from a particular region that you might never have thought of are showing a lot of interest in your product are your best clients. These patterns will also allow you to see a certain untapped markets that you can exploit. You can swiftly move and make use of the opportunity.

Marketing campaign is easier to manage and cost-effective.

Setting up a social media marketing campaign requires much less effort than actually setting out to physically execute you marketing campaign for example putting up banners or advertisements etc. in order to get you message across. Social media marketing is relatively easy to manage and quite frequently updated.

Your network grows exponentially.

As more people add to your social network, they become the cause for more people to join in. As the people keep adding the rate at which people are added grows with them. And as the tree branches out, so will your business.

People are more receptive to Social Media.

People tend to pay more attention to things on the social media. The reason being that people feel that compared to mainstream marketing social media has no political agenda behind the information or the presence of any big corporation trying to sell their products. It is just people sharing their knowledge and opinions. Therefore the people tend to pay more attention to social media posts and are more influenced by them as opposed to specialized advertisements. People regularly check their social media feeds for posts that their friends and family make, and there you are, right in between all their posts with your latest news or promotion. The readers are bound to pay attention to what you have tried to communicate and then forward the news to their acquaintances and the message will spread exponentially.

Social media is the new generation of communication and information transfer. Almost everyone is keeping their presence online visible. You should not stay behind the competition and use this technology to your advantage.

Source by Naim Ahmed

May 25, 2018

In today’s time and age, smartphones and applications have gained a lot of popularity. As of now, a mobile phone is not just restricted to make calls. With the help of mobile phone development, individuals and businesses have started creating unique and innovative applications, which facilitate internet browsing, email, faxing, games, graphics and wireless information services. Considering the revolution with handheld devices, mobile application developers are in rage.

Mobile application developers combine different elements to formulate software apps and solutions. Various organizations have started showing interest in business applications and loads of them have started outsourcing their requirements to developers across the globe. A few preferred mobile software solutions include web applications, games and interactive business solutions across different technology platforms. There are a few things you need to consider, before you decide on a specific mobile application.


Mobile phone applications are different from one platform to another and one cannot devise an application that runs on all platforms. With different companies, the mobile phone platforms are dissimilar and certain applications work with specified technologies only. For an example, an iPhone application cannot work on a Windows Mobile or a Blackberry platform. Therefore, it is imperative to select the ideal mobile platform, before you get started with mobile apps development.

Client Base

Before you get started with a mobile application developer, you must determine the kind of audience you wish to target at. Based on your target audience, you must then decide whether you want applications that could be used by individual consumers or business mobile applications. It would be easier for the mobile application developer to form a work plan, plan on the design and the technology for your mobile software.

Budget & Timing

Before you get started with mobile application development, you must consider the cost of your development as well as the exact time frame to launch a specific product. To begin with, you must do some basic research on the products being used by your competitors along with the price strategy adopted by them. In order to make the most out of your investment, you need to launch your product at the right time. Regardless of where you outsource your application development services, you need to ensure that the application is developed within a predefined timeline.


Wireless applications have revolutionized the way cell phones are being used today. Businesses are now getting interesting apps, which are innovative and unique. The whole purpose of mobile application development is to strike a chord amongst the customers. Businesses require powerful mobile phone applications, which serve a variety of purposes including browsing, gaming, entertainment, search and many more. Mobile application developers can design, create and customize the application in accordance to the client needs. These are professionals who possess the technical as well as the functional expertise to perform simple and complicated tasks. To conclude with, one can access the world with any handheld device today.

Source by Shital Thakkar

May 22, 2018

It is obvious that some websites are running more popularly than others, despite providing the similar type of products or services. As per experts research, a mere percent of retail entrepreneurs actually succeed in the first attempt because either they do not get the right eCommerce platform for developing their site or do not get the tactics of running a store right. This article is definitely going to serve the interests of new online businesses but in context of Magento, which is presently the front-running platform for eCommerce sites development.

The following points are the major tricks that online merchants must follow and adhere to while operating a Magento-powered store to stay ahead of their counterparts in the market.

#1 To boost sales, prepare a high-end store

The best way for increasing the traffic to their website, retailers need to think like their customers. They never get fancied by how beautiful the store looks or which platform it is built of. Instead, they seek for features, usefulness from the website and wants it to be really unfussy. Fast pages download, products loading, vast product ranges, pleasant prices, and great customer services, these are all they look for in a website. However, the most crucial tactics to gear an online Magento store for more traffic are:

  • Directing search results with redirect feature of Magento
  • Making the website global-level with personalised languages, location-based features
  • Reducing checkout steps for reducing hassles of the buyers

#2 Making website search engine friendly must be a priority

For a Magento store owner, it must be a known fact. SEO (Search engine optimisation) is one of the integral online business strategies and Magento is in fact specifically prepared for that. Thus, retailers did not have to put much more external efforts for enhancing their On-page SEO. Moreover, SEO makes eCommerce site more interactive allowing it to gain wider visibility and new customers from the search engines. With user-friendly interface and premium customisation options, Magento makes it extremely easy for owners to optimise their site for search engines and drive traffic overwhelmingly. Steps to follow for making a Magento based site SEO friendly:

  • Page optimisation with keywords-rich titles
  • Generating XML sitemap
  • Optimising Meta descriptions with most relevant keywords
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • Creating SEO friendly URLs

#3 Careful consideration of the typical Magento errors

Many times, online buyers face such serious hassles while browsing through a shop or placing orders. Buyers may find it difficult to add products to the cart, to checkout, review orders, or cancel orders. Such impediments in the checkout stage make it worse for the site by reducing the prospects of sales. Thus, for online merchants to provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers and encourage them to keep visiting back, securing the store from all probable vulnerabilities is essential. The most effective way to deal with errors in a Magento site is:

  • Use of Shopping Cart Diagnostics, that troubleshoot stores to find and rectify errors
  • Getting store configuration checked from time to time

Summing it Up!

While deploying Magento and working with it calls of immense expertise and knowledge as it is one of the most complex, feasible and progressive eCommerce platforms known, keeping these crucial tricks in mind retailers can get their store run successfully. Magento undoubtedly brings in flexible features to boost website traffic and sales and these tricks will help better to outperform other competitive stores and ease out all troubles of the customers and sellers.

Source by Rob Stephen

May 19, 2018

In the age of web marketing, many blog writers and marketing specialists have already discovered how effective WordPress can be.

WordPress provides a simple, effective interface for managing, publishing, and keeping content current on your company’s website without the hang-ups inherent in many other content management systems in use today. WordPress goes beyond other blogging platforms mainly because it can drive some much targeted traffic your way with its efficient features. Hits are important, but targeted traffic is the key to a successful website and WordPress gives you the tools to make search engine optimization techniques work for your site.

WordPress helps you find and direct organic search engine traffic to your site with simple to use, efficient features. This gives WordPress a huge advantage over standard HTML sites, where you largely just hope you will rank highly with search engines. You will maximize your website to attract specific traffic from Google and the alternate search engines in employing these options in WordPress. If you want to know how to use these features to their full potential continue reading.

Whenever you utilize WordPress, you must place highly relevant keywords into each and every posting’s title. Not only this, but these targeted keywords should find a place in your content as well. Also, make sure that you do not repeat your titles anywhere else on the site, or else the search engine spiders might not get a clear idea of what to rank. Start out by creating a list of keywords that are related, and that way you will be able to use them in a variety of titles as you are writing your articles. You want your title to be interesting as well as full of the necessary keywords. The reason for this being that when a visitor comes to your site, the title is the first thing that they will view. The more pieces on the main page of your blog, the more important this tip becomes. You want to be sure that your titles are both brief and memorable, as well as appropriate for the topic which you are writing about. Make sure that the first couple words of your title are appealing. It’s important to ensure the text on your site is reader friendly, but unless it is search engine friendly, it’s unlikely that any surfers will find your site at all!

Don’t forget to have a sitemap on your blog, which is important if you’re having a WordPress blog. You can use a simple Google plugin to create a sitemap, and you’ll never have to program a thing. The purpose of a sitemap is to give the search engines an easier way of indexing all of your pages and posts; that way, all of your content will show up in searches. Pinging your posts to various sites is also important, along with the development of a sitemap. Enabling you to obtain other bloggers’ backlinks, this also will increase your exposure on the Internet. You should use pings for each post that you write.

Including related posts when you add content to your site is another great tip for SEO purposes. Once again, you can also achieve this by taking advantage of one of the many free plugins available through WordPress. The plugin tools allow you to choose the number of related blog posts you want listed – another way to get the engines deeper into your site’s older keyword-rich content. In conclusion, blogs and websites created on the WordPress platform truly have an advantage when it comes to search engine optimization. Adhere to the quick tips within this article so you can achieve the best possible results.

Source by Corey Preiss

May 16, 2018

Doing SEO yourself can really be tiresome and far too challenging especially with all the competition you are dealing with and maintaining position can really be much more frustrating especially with the constant algorithm changes Google is cracking down on.

So with that being said I would like to put together a list of reasons which I believe you should Outsource SEO.

Link Building

Building links can be extremely difficult for especially beginners, even more experienced Internet Marketers struggle on ways in which to build backlinks effectively. Not only do you have to find backlinks that are relevant or that has good page rank you must get the website owners approval or have an interesting website, product or service for someone to want to link to you, so to normally get quality backlinks you must network well or think outside the box.

It is a good idea to outsource this kind of work to more experienced link building experts or at least let them deal with some or most aspects of your link building efforts to relieve some load off your chest as this is not an easy thing to do and may take some time initially finding the right person or team you can trust.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords is never an easy task, you can do this manually yourself or use tools to do this, even using tools can take some time and frustrations and it is good if you can pass this work onto someone else who specializes in keyword research services. GSEO.net has numerous SEO Consultants that specialize in this field.

Niche Selection

It is important that if you start any website and before you even “breathe” meaning; before you even register a domain name you must be certain that the niche is profitable. I hear so many stories of website owners building a website and taking them years to see any profits and it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get and how well your site is set up to make conversions, if the niche is a niche that is dead you will be fighting an endless battle.

Make sure you get an expert to consult you in this area when starting out, save yourself months or years of hard work for nothing.

Low Competition

It is very important that you find low competition keywords as part of your researching efforts, again there are tools out there that can help you including Keyword Winner but there is no reason why you cannot get someone to do the research using this tool for you. Again there are professionals out there that would be more then happy to help.

High / Hot Search Trends

Keeping up with the latest high/ hot search trends is almost a full time job in itself and you can make a good living from siphoning off newly launched products using affiliate marketing or even hot talked about news out there. Having someone specialize in this area and take care of research for you is a must.

Final Conclusion:

If you are doing some of these yourself and are finding that it is slowing you down, I recommend you outsource this to a site like GSEO.net there are hundreds of experienced SEO consultants that are more then willing to help you.

Source by Dan Lew

May 13, 2018

Even if you graduate with a degree in IT or Computer science it does not give you complete training in web design and development. That’s because the discipline of web design is always changing and new internet technology comes out every minute. Even veterans and experienced designers can gain benefits by taking a short course in one of these design schools. You can also enroll for a refresher or just to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

5. Meralco Foundation Institute / Informatics (TIE)

These are the two pioneer web design schools in the Philippines. Meralco Foundation Institute (MFI) is a non-profit organization therefore the training fees as cheap. If you’re on a budget, MFI is the best school to enroll in.

Informatics is on the high-end but has convenient locations in the city, mostly inside malls. Their curriculum is up-to-date and certification is recognized world-wide.

4. Philippine Center for Creative Imaging

“The Premiere digital arts and Graphic design School in Philippines”

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging or PCCI is a multimedia and web design school Philippines located in the bustling business sector,Makati City. Intensive hands-on application is given attention in each course. The professors and owners themselves are leaders in online and offline graphics and multimedia organizations. Aspiring designers can pick from a variety of digital arts fields ranging from photography, graphic design web design.

3. University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center (UPITTC)

“The most unique website design training in the Philippines”

UPITTC’s tagline is “Helping you Build a Solid I.T. Career”. I think that’ what most of us want from all the training we take. It is known for is its out-of-the-box teaching style.This unique approach which consist of a lot of class discussion, lab work and more on “practical” real world training versus textbook learning.

The faculty and trainers are mostly UP professors and consultants in the important technology sectors of the country. If you complete the course chosen and pass the final exam you will receive a prized certificate.

2. First Academy of Computer Arts

First Academy of Computer Arts provides training courses which include design theory, specialized expertise and harnessing creative imagination in digital graphic arts projects..Students learn design principles and gain hands-on experiences in graphic arts, motion graphics, web design and 3-D software through rigorous training programs.This is a top tier website design school in Philippines to get a certificate in digital multimedia design.

1.De La Salle University College of Computer Studies

If I were a new student looking for an IT school to get serious training, this is definitely the school I would go to. Most of the professors and teachers their selves are popular among the Philippines web development professional circle. DLSU multimedia training school concentrates in the evolving study of web development, graphic design and digital media. Students have the option to choose a course which they want to master varying from design, programming and even video graphics. De La Salle University is the first to offer a B.A. degree in multimedia arts in the country.

After finishing the course you take, don’t forget to continue studying on your own. Self-studying will still be the best school when it comes learning web design.

Source by Grace S Reyes

May 10, 2018

I just finished reading “Social Media Marketing; An Hour a Day,” by Dave Evans and Susan Bratton. As a professional blogger I have embraced all forms of social media and I try to read as much as I can about the topic. I am happy to say that this is one of the best books I have read on this subject.

As the title suggests this resource is about how can maximize various social media platforms by spending just a little bit of time each day. The book is jammed pack with great content, tips and techniques. The book first starts with a basic overview of the various forms of social media, from MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. The book is written in a conversational tone and it is easy to follow and understand. My wife read it and absorbed it all and she is one of the least technical people I know. The best part of the book is the format. Each chapter starts off with summarizing a key point and then ends with an exercise. This is the first book I have seen that is designed to be a planner and a workbook. It was very helpful to devise a plan and create easy to follow action items to get started.

The one criticism I have, is that there was no discussion of Twitter at all. Instead there was a chapter devoted to Socialvibe. I have never heard of Socialvibe and I just skipped right over that chapter. In closing, I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking to promote and market their product or service over the Internet.

Source by Dan Keller

May 7, 2018

2017 was another great year for app development and mobile devices. The mobile apps are in the mainstream now and an enormous number of users is already relying on latest apps. What does the future of mobile app development hold this year? 2018 will see further innovative apps coming out, along with the growth of modern technology. Here are some mobile app trends that will grow in 2018:

Artificial Intelligence

Through the use of advanced analysis techniques, cognitive interfaces within complex systems and machine learning techniques, AI will provide powerful ideas that users have never seen before. Due to these advances, the likes of Google, IBM, eBay and Facebook have begun to acquire expert startups in Artificial Intelligence.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality applications are already in use and will be in the limelight during 2018. These apps will be mainly oriented to games and simulators. Pokemon Go, iOnRoad, Sky Siege and myNav are some brilliant examples of Artificial Reality. Dominating the App Store, these mobile games prove that AR has a great potential to influence app trends in 2018.

Mobile Application Security

Security continues to be the main concern for developers due to the amount of personal information it stores. The overall growth of the industry, billions of users, third-party SDKs everywhere and the vast number of user information saved by companies make huge security concerns for mobile app developers across the world.

Cloud-based Applications

Mobile devices have become more complex and powerful, but many users don’t want to install GB’s worth of apps on their phones. Cloud-based apps have reinterpreted the entire hierarchy of storage in mobile devices. Through cloud computing, the user can install a small app which is connected to the cloud where all its data is accessible on-demand.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is shaping the future of mobile apps so that users can control smart home devices and other electronics. Analysts predict a major change in IoT. There are already apps available that allow users to manage different things from Smartphones and other digital devices. Therefore, the development of apps focused on IoT will be a clear trend in 2018.


The development of chatbots is certainly a growing trend. Through them, businesses and e-commerce retailers seek to interact and answer quick questions customers. We expect the demand for this type of apps to keep increasing.

May 4, 2018

If you are building your own website to launch say a line of dresses or nutritional supplements online shopping site, you need to invest time in selecting a good ecommerce solution.

Enter Magento – a powerful package that covers AZ of all the necessary features for your online shopping site.

Launched in 2008, Magento has become one of the most respected and reliable ecommerce platform.

It has over 90,000 merchants, and nearly 2.5 million downloads. The salient feature of Magento is that it can be successfully applied to any entity, from a small scale mom and pop store to a Multi National Company with stores all over the globe.

You can customize starting from the theme, to the details of products sold, and then get a set of analytics to track, analyze your sales, generate reports and secure payment gateways.

Magento has them all, in easy to understand menus and configuration setup panels.

The following are the features of Magento –

Product Browsing – Where each product can have multiple images, you specify the price, stock, and attributes including custom attributes of products.

Catalog Browsing – Product comparison

Customer Accounts – Order status, Billing, shipping and history

Payment – Options to pay by credit card, PayPal including external payment modules.

Shipping – Specify Multiple addresses, Various options to ship (FedEx, USPS etc)

SEO – Search Engine Optimized. Magento is one of the most SEO friendly ecommerce application, you can specify the tags and links to your products

Check out panel

Marketing Promotion – Coupons, Discounts and promotional options

Multiple Language Support including multiple treaties

Report Generation – Analyze the shopping patterns in your website by studying Sales, Product and shopping cart reports

Built In Google Analytics – Page View Tracking and Ecommerce Tracking (list of what customers buy)

Some of the customers using Magento are –

In Kind Direct – Charity that redistributes surplus goods from manufacturers to other charities

Fun4kids – Outdoor toy retailer

Exclusively. In – Styles in fashion and home decor from India.

Watco – Leading direct supplies for building maintenance in UK.

Handlehaus Legler – Wholesale merchandiser of Toys in Germany.

Magento also offers advice and guidance through the Expert Consulting Group (ECG). The ECG analyzes merchant's needs and provides recommendation and action plans that help them use the capabilities of Magento for maximum impact.

Apart from building online shopping sites, Magento can also be used to develop dynamic web applications because it is an object oriented PHP Framework. Although it is not a very well-known aspect of Magento, it provides the programmers easy customizable building blocks for building web applications.

DCKAP is a Global IT company that specializes in technological solutions for its clients with offices in USA, India and Australia.

Source by Benerald Cannison