Doing SEO yourself can really be tiresome and far too challenging especially with all the competition you are dealing with and maintaining position can really be much more frustrating especially with the constant algorithm changes Google is cracking down on.

So with that being said I would like to put together a list of reasons which I believe you should Outsource SEO.

Link Building

Building links can be extremely difficult for especially beginners, even more experienced Internet Marketers struggle on ways in which to build backlinks effectively. Not only do you have to find backlinks that are relevant or that has good page rank you must get the website owners approval or have an interesting website, product or service for someone to want to link to you, so to normally get quality backlinks you must network well or think outside the box.

It is a good idea to outsource this kind of work to more experienced link building experts or at least let them deal with some or most aspects of your link building efforts to relieve some load off your chest as this is not an easy thing to do and may take some time initially finding the right person or team you can trust.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords is never an easy task, you can do this manually yourself or use tools to do this, even using tools can take some time and frustrations and it is good if you can pass this work onto someone else who specializes in keyword research services. has numerous SEO Consultants that specialize in this field.

Niche Selection

It is important that if you start any website and before you even “breathe” meaning; before you even register a domain name you must be certain that the niche is profitable. I hear so many stories of website owners building a website and taking them years to see any profits and it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get and how well your site is set up to make conversions, if the niche is a niche that is dead you will be fighting an endless battle.

Make sure you get an expert to consult you in this area when starting out, save yourself months or years of hard work for nothing.

Low Competition

It is very important that you find low competition keywords as part of your researching efforts, again there are tools out there that can help you including Keyword Winner but there is no reason why you cannot get someone to do the research using this tool for you. Again there are professionals out there that would be more then happy to help.

High / Hot Search Trends

Keeping up with the latest high/ hot search trends is almost a full time job in itself and you can make a good living from siphoning off newly launched products using affiliate marketing or even hot talked about news out there. Having someone specialize in this area and take care of research for you is a must.

Final Conclusion:

If you are doing some of these yourself and are finding that it is slowing you down, I recommend you outsource this to a site like there are hundreds of experienced SEO consultants that are more then willing to help you.

Source by Dan Lew