10 TikTok Stats Every Marketer Should Know in 2022

What Do These TikTok Stats Mean for Businesses and Brands? 

Two words: product discovery. 

TikTok’s study found that 49% of users say the app is a source for discovering something new, with 35% using it to learn something new. 

In other words, TikTok is a great place for getting your product in front of new potential customers. 

And with TikTok users more likely to immediately buy something they discover on the app, all it takes is one video popping up on their For You Page to generate sales. 

But first you’ll need to build a community, post consistently, and share educational or inspirational content about your product. 

Jenna Labiak, founder of The Silk Labs (who’s gone viral on the app) says: “I always give our audience a lot of value. For example, instead of just ‘selling’ our hair products, I’ll go ahead and use them in a hair tutorial.”

There’s no question that TikTok has shaken up both how businesses connect with customers and how we shop. 

And between these TikTok stats and new e-commerce tools rolling out on the app, we predict the sky’s the limit. Watch this space. 

Want to learn more about making sales, generating leads, and going viral on TikTok? Watch our panel session with three small business owners:

Source: later.com, originally published on 2022-02-24 10:43:08