10 Hispanic Influencers to Follow for Social Media Tips

1. Andrea Vaamonde Marcano: Fashion Marketing Pro

Andrea Vaamonde Marcano is a name worth knowing when it comes to expert marketing tips. 

With a wealth of marketing experience and a background in fashion, Andrea has worked with big name brands such as Yliana Yepez, Vogue Mexico, and Bumble Mexico. 

Now a full-time fashion marketing consultant (and founder of Latinoamerica de Moda) Andrea’s Instagram feed is full of valuable content to help entrepreneurs define their brand DNA and transform their business. 

Andrea’s Top Tip for Growth on Social Media:

Videos will always communicate more than a thousand words on Instagram!”

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2. Anaïs Montoro: The Reels Pro

Anaïs Montoro is an entrepreneur based in Spain who specializes in Instagram Reels strategy tips. 

Her goal is simple: to make your life on social media easier! With a thriving community of over 105K followers, Anaïs now coaches businesses and creators around the world. 

Anaïs’s Top Tip for Increasing Visibility on Social Media:

“I always recommend using a title that will intrigue your audience in the first three seconds of your Reel, such as: the secret for… or the truth about…” Anais reveals. 

“My Reels always follow one (or all) of these following characteristics: entertain, inspire, or educate.”

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3. Andrea Salgado: Brand Marketing Expert

Andrea is an Ecuadorian entrepreneur who lives between her hometown and the vibrant New York City. 

Her passion project-turned-business @sailorcoffee is a staple in the cities of Guayaquil and Quito, bringing a new and vibrant offering to the city. 

On social media, Andrea is transparent about her entrepreneur journey — sharing all the ups and downs along the way.  

Andrea’s Top Tip for Growth:

“Build in public. When you embark on a new journey, whatever that may be, share what you are doing with your audience. It’s all about building an environment of support around your new project and building strong relationships with those who follow you,” Andrea shares.

“The transparency of sharing your process builds trust with your audience — and selling comes down to trust. If your audience trusts you, they are more likely to purchase from you.” 

4. Paulina Joaristi: Digital Growth Strategist and Style Enthusiast

Paulina Joaristi knows how to use social media for growth. 

After successfully creating one-to-one strategies for clients and completing a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, she recently released a social media course: Social Bloom

Her key strategy for success? Focus on more than the Instagram aesthetic and generate measurable impact away from the screen.

Paulina’s Top Hack to Increase Reach:

“Use Pinterest’s Trends to inform your strategy, it’s a hidden gem. You can see what type of content is trending, as well as what keywords you should use as hashtags in your posts.

5. Belu Barrague: Multi Channel Pro

For María Belen, or “Belu” as her audience knows her, it’s all about not putting your eggs all in one basket.

Her creativity knows no limits, and she has successfully built communities across multiple digital channels.  

Belu’s Top Tip for Repurposing Content:

“Apply the waterfall theory — where you have a core content piece that can be repurposed across different formats and channels,” shares Belu.

“Focus on a piece of core, evergreen content, such as a 10 minute Youtube video that will be relevant as time goes on. This can then be translated  into an audio podcast episode, used for an Instagram carousel with key insights, shared on Pinterest with a link to a blog article about it, and packaged in an email marketing campaign.” 

6. Zeke Novarino: Instagram Mentor

Zeke Novarino is an Instagram mentor and SEO aficionado who regularly goes live on Instagram to share his top tips. 

One of his main takeaways is that the Instagram algorithm shouldn’t get you down, and that hashtags are still a valuable part of any strategy. “They are not dead!” he shares, “you’ve just got to find the right ones.” 

Zeke’s Top Tip for Instagram Growth:

“Be consistent with your SEO tactics, especially when it comes to your Instagram feed and Instagram bio,” Zeke explains.

“Look for keywords related to your target audience, their interests, and how you will solve a problem for them. These should prevail across all the content you put out. You will not only see growth, but a strong positioning in your niche, and an audience that values your opinion.” 

7. Nina Meraki: Visibility and Growth Specialist

Based in Spain, Nina Meraki is an unstoppable content creator with strong communities on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. 

Starting as a travel content creator, Nina found her niche sharing mini tutorials for Instagram growth. 

Nina has also recently launched a podcast, Desemprender, where she talks all about entrepreneurship and starting out in the industry. 

Nina’s Top Tip for Increasing Visibility:

“Have a clear objective, bet on short-form video, and be consistent,” Nina shares.

“Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and don’t forget to analyze your results in order to perfect your content and your strategy.”

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8. Daniela Goicochea: Hospitality Marketing Specialist

Daniela Goicochea is the co-founder of the marketing agency Brandcrops, specializing in hospitality and food product marketing strategy. 

She believes keeping in touch with her audience through regular Instagram Stories is very important.

“Stories are my favorite feature on Instagram,” she explains. “They are easy to create, share, and develop into conversations with my community.”

Daniela’s Top Tip for Increasing Engagement:

“Be aware of how and when you show your content,” Daniela shares.

“It makes a big difference when you share a well taken photo of a burger at 1pm when your audience is hungry, versus at 4pm when they’ve already had lunch.”

9. Laura Figueroa: Digital Strategist Expert

Laura Figuera is a social media strategist who believes in practicing what you preach. 

“To have success on a social network, you must be an active user of it. You can’t pretend to grow and have results if you don’t know how it works,” she shares. 

With a successful multi-channel presence, Laura shares educational tips on Youtube andInstagram, hosts the Laura Figueroa Podcast, and is the co-founder of TheFigCo — an educational and consulting company dedicated to helping small business and entrepreneurs to succeed in the digital world. 

Laura’s Top Tip for Creating Content That Creates Value:

“I understand what my ideal audience wants and I’m clear about the content pillars in which I want to position myself,” explains Laura.

“Knowing this, all that remains is to structure a piece of content and adapt it to the format (and requirements) of each social platform. This is how I create content of value, that resonates with my ideal audience, that I can reuse across different platforms, knowing that it will help me build what I want to achieve.” 

10. Pedro Lollett: Content Creator and Brand Consultant

Pedro Lollett is a multi-faceted content creator from Venezuela, now based in Mexico City. 

You might have seen his photography work in Vogue Mexico, or some of his articles on E! News.

His content is inspired by the joys of life, the curiosity of art, and overall, his passion for helping others succeed.

He continues to share his work on editorial projects and hosts brand consulting workshops. 

Pedro’s Top Tip for Growing as a Creator:

“Share things that others can relate to and make their own. In my case, the phases that I post are not only outputs of situations in my life, but they serve as tools that others can use to express themselves.”

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Source: later.com, originally published on 2022-04-13 04:22:28