B2 Web Studios is happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned responsive website for Appleton, Wisconsin based Epiphany Law, https://epiphanylaw.com

“Our goal was to make it incredibly easy to showcase their attorneys and learn about the various areas of business law and estate planning with video content. Making that information accessible on mobile devices ultimately helps in convincing website visitors to contact the law firm.” said B2 Web Studios President, Brett Belau. “We asked Epiphany Law what was most important to their clients in a legal website, and then worked closely to implement their vision.” What developed is a intuitive legal website with fresh and helpful resources, timely content and simple navigation.

In addition to the design facelift, the website migrated to WordPress from an older Joomla CMS (Content Management System) platform. This move helps to “future-proof” the website, and makes day-to-day management of the website much easier for Epiphany Law staff as they expanding its reach through blogging and social media. “The positive response to the new website has been outstanding,” Belau said. We hope you’ll will visit the new https://epiphanylaw.com and let us know what you think!