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B2 Web Studios creates one-of-a-kind websites

We realize that a successful website is much more than just a nice design – it’s a critical asset of our clients’ businesses. These days, your website needs to act as your top salesperson, receptionist, publicist, and customer service department all rolled into one. Plus, it needs to be fast, reliable, secure, mobile-friendly, easy for users to navigate, and simple for our clients to manage.

We work closely with our clients

To ensure we understand their vision and goals from the start, we begin any project by asking you the right questions up front.  Questions like, what is the primary goal of your website? Who are your primary customers? What are your main products or services? What sets your business apart?

We then dig into your project, working meticulously to visualize and create a website that engages your customers, increases traffic, and cultivates your brand. We use content management system (CMS) frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal for making managing your website a breeze, and building the advanced features and functionality a modern website needs.

Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Responsive web design allows a website to display properly regardless of screen size, providing a clean user experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs alike. This best practice also helps ensure that mobile website users can access the same content as desktop users.

More and more web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets traffic, so it’s critical that a website employs a responsive design. More importantly, search engines have begun lowering rankings for non-responsive websites.


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