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So much more than just a pretty face.

You expect your website to be a top salesperson, a friendly virtual receptionist, an effective brand ambassador, and a helpful customer service resource, all at once. As a critical asset for your business, it needs to be fast, reliable, secure, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and simple for you to manage.

We use this understanding to build results-driven websites for companies of all sizes. From creating simple responsive websites and landing pages to developing custom-programmed Content Management Systems and Progressive Web Apps for Fortune 500 companies, everything we do is designed to drive online traffic and sales for our clients.

Our Website Development Process

A proven process and good communication is essential to create a website that’s exactly what you’re looking for. To do this, we keep you involved and looped-in along the way. This ensures that we focus on the on the features and functionality you want, and helps to prevent delivering a final product that doesn’t match your vision.

Over the last 18 years of website projects, we’ve continuously molded our process and evolved it to be more efficient, effective, and collaborative. 

  • 1. Discovery
  • 2. User Experience
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Front-End Development
  • 5. Coding & Development
  • 6. Testing / QA
  • 7. Launch

We begin any project by asking you the right questions up front, like: what is the primary goal of your website? Who are your primary customers? What are your main products or services? What sets your business apart?

We then dig into your project, working meticulously to visualize and create a website that engages your customers, increases traffic, and cultivates your brand. 

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After the design and user experience are approved we will move onto the front-end development. We use the latest standards in HTML, CSS and Javascript to build a front-end that is fast, scalable and is cross-browser compatible.

We develop the website database and back-end to be scalable and secure. Whether using a Content Management System like WordPress or a fully-custom framework everything we do is modular. So, if a year down the road you want to add a new feature, it can be done easily, without having to rebuild the entire site.

We carefully review the website's functionality and appearance on multiple desktop and mobile browser platforms, troubleshooting any bugs or issues along the way. Once we're 100% happy with it, we provide you with a working demo to click through the entire website to give any feedback or changes.

This is the exciting part! After your site has been thoroughly tested, optimized for search engines, and designed exactly how you want down to the last pixel, we publish your new website and let Google and other search engines know that it's live.

Content Management Systems

A Content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal makes it easy to manage your website’s pages. Websites usually fit into one of two categories:

Static websites, which means all of your page content updates need to be hardcoded in HTML, CSS and Javascript by a knowledgable web developer.

Dynamic, CMS-powered websites, which allow website owners to login and quickly create pages, change web page content, and add media, without (in most cases) having to know HTML, CSS, or other coding languages. B2 Web Studios designs and develops websites using the most popular CMS platforms:

  • WordPress: WordPress is used by more than 30% of the websites on the web, including sites like The New Yorker, BBC America, Forbes, and The New York Times. WordPress offers unsurpassed ease when it comes to not only managing a website, but also creating professional and engaging web pages, all for an affordable, or even free, price. It is also reliable and flexible, offering exceptional performance to you and your website visitors.
  • Joomla: Joomla is the second most-used CMS, after WordPress. It’s also an open-source CMS, enabling you to create powerful web pages without needing to know code.
  • Drupal: Drupal offers all the benefits of a normal CMS. It is often said to be more complex than WordPress or Joomla, because it was created by developers for developers.

Our Services

Platforms and Tools We Use

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