Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are now the #1 source of all internet traffic

Does your company have a mobile app? If not, it’s time to think about building one. Mobile apps make up over 80% of device time, which means you need more than just a mobile website. B2 Web Studios is an experienced iOS and Android mobile app development agency, and we can walk you through every phase of iOS and Android app development.

From drawing up wireframes and creating a stunning user interface to submitting a finalized mobile application into the iTunes and Google Play app stores, we have the experience to build your dream app on-budget and on-schedule. You are involved in the development process every step of the way to ensure your requirements and objectives are met and your app has the best chance of success.

Once your app is out in the marketplace, we can help with marketing your app, getting it noticed by your target audience, increasing conversions, engagement, and awareness.

Available Mobile App Features

  • Stay in touch with your app users by sending push notifications
  • Show your location on a map or post geolocation data from your app to your website
  • Use your device’s camera to take photos and upload them within the app
  • Display separate offline content in your app only when no mobile data service is available
  • Mobile catalog and shopping cart within your app, linked directly to your e-commerce website
  • View app usage on your Google Analytics dashboard, alongside your website traffic
  • Let your app users login using their Facebook account

We work well with agencies

We love working with advertising and marketing agencies, and they love working with us, too! Consider B2 Web Studios as your mobile app development partner for white-labeled iOS and Android mobile apps.

Our mobile app development process

Mobile UI/UX

We analyze and design every aspect of a mobile app to ensure that it’s engaging and easy for your customers to use. Every detail of a mobile app’s interface is clearly defined before any work begins and delivered to spec. From the intricate designs of the icon set to the layout of the user interface, our goal is to always enrich the experience of the end-user, your customers.

App Development and Programming

Coding is often the most tedious and lengthy part of the app development process. It requires highly-skilled programmers with the experience level to ensure that a mobile app functions seamlessly while minimizing the chance of a crash occurring. Whether you have a mobile app in the final stages of development that requires testing or are just getting started on a new app idea, B2 Web Studios can provide expert, cost-effective programming.

App Distriubution

Do you have a plan for monetizing your mobile app? How are you planning to market your app? What real-world problem will your app solve?

The B2 Web Studios app development team has learned firsthand from years of deploying mobile apps for companies and organizations in Appleton and the Fox Cities, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and throughout the United States. Whether planning a monetization strategy, getting your app discovered, or finding the most effective app marketing channels or integrations, we can help save you time and money, ensuring that your mobile app project flows smoothly from day one.


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