SEO defined

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has to do with a set of rules that are applied by website or blog administrators in order to optimize specific related keywords for search engines. When done correctly it helps to improve the website or blog search engine rankings.

SEO is IMPORTANT if you wish to stay relevant online and beat competition. Know that hundreds or thousands of websites are launched on daily basis worldwide and the business arena has become more competitive than ever. So, the only way to distinguish your business and make it ‘easy to find online’ is to optimize it in every way possible. Your competitors are doing SEO, hence you must too!

While the various search engines serve millions of website visitors and users daily searching for answers or solutions to their questions or problems, it is the sites that have followed and applied basic SEO rules that will enjoy the most benefits.

With the high prices associated with advertising businesses online such as PPC campaigns with Google or Facebook, it can be challenging and costly for new businesses with little budget to stay in competition with bigger businesses that have huge advertising budgets that can run into thousands of dollars. SEO can help save costs in this regards. The goal of SEO is to help your website or blog appear on the first page of Google and with this, you are sure to gain massive organic traffic without having to resort to PPC.

Search engine optimization – SEO is vital for businesses because:

• The majority of people searching for products or services or contents via search engines will most likely want to click one of the first seven top ranked websites presented in the results pages. With SEO, you can take advantage of this benefit to gain visitors to your business as you get ranked and stay within the top positions.

• It isn’t just about ranking alone. But with good SEO practice, you can enhance your website user-experience and usability.

• People trust that search engines will only show relevant answers to their search. This means that if your site gets ranked in search engine top positions for specific keywords; it will directly boost your website’s trust.

• It is the cheapest, easiest and most consistent way to put your business ahead of competition. For instance, if three online businesses or stores sell the same products, the one that’s search engine optimized will more likely gain more organic customers and in the process make more sales.


The great part of SEO is that once you have laid the foundation and the search engines start ranking your site it will stay so for months and years helping you gain natural organic traffic consistently, which is essential for your growth, engagement, sales and profit.

Source by David Neumann