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WordPress – Your E Commerce Platform

April 30, 2019

Use of E-commerce has rapidly grown. There are numerous open source and portals for e-commerce available. Among these WordPress is most widely used. I am using WordPress from last 2 years and I can conclude that the reason behind its popularity is, it gives you an e commerce site by putting least efforts. WordPress is quite easy to use compared to other e commerce portals that are available. Being easy to use, it saves much of your time and money. The best part of using WordPress is that you do not have to hire an expert. Try a hand on the interface and you will learn how it works.

WordPress is too vast that you can spend plenty of time exploring it. There are man plugins available for WordPress developers through which they can customize the portal.The layout of themes can also be customized such as add or remove side bars, add or delete pages and / or posts. The biggest advantage of WordPress is, you do not have to search for other platforms to get it integrated for your e commerce requirements. There are plenty of plugins available for free which can be easily used by WordPress developers. This gives you control of your website. For make any changes or edit you do not have to wait for your developer to work on it. You can easily make the desired changes to your website.

WordPress platforms are very easy to use and can be customize to length. This mostly fulfills all requirements of the clients hence, it is widely used. Free themes and plugins are also easily available which can be easily integrated and make this platform very economic.

The code behind WordPress is very simple and clean. This makes it more popular as this makes search engines to read and index them quickly. Every webpage can be optimized with their own meta tags.

Another feature of WordPress which makes it popular is its blogging platform. WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform with all blogging capabilities inbuilt in there. Setting up email subscription, RSS feed, commenting feature are also very simple to set up. WordPress allows you to add more features like event, calendar, video gallery, twitter feeds – all these plugins are available for WordPress. An easy and flexible platform makes it broadly popular among designers and developers. With a wide range of free themes and plugins available use WordPress to give your customers amazing e-commerce experience.