Tearing Up Your Marketing Plan: How To Get Through The Coming Recession

In times of isolation and uncertainty, people are turning to the web more than ever to find answers and solutions. As marketers, our audience’s needs are evolving quickly – sometimes daily – as they react to the latest updates.

💡 Get an unapologetic playbook from two industry leaders on how to approach marketing through times of uncertainty.



Rand Fishkin: “How to Gain a Competitive Edge & Grow your Business During Times of Great Stress, Strife, and Turmoil”

Learn the best ways to approach your marketing strategy based on where your business falls: Directly Harmed, Directly Benefiting, and Indirectly Affected

Hear about The Three Waves of Impact: Nothing but COVID, Transition to Life Online in a Recession, and The New Normal — including how to approach each one as it relates to your messaging and brand storytelling tactics.


Wil Reynolds: “Everyone Has a Plan … Until They Get Punched in the Mouth”

Get an unapologetic glimpse into how Wil handles budget cuts — arm yourself (and your team!) with data-informed insights to make smarter marketing decisions.

You’ll learn how to use search marketing data to improve UX and identify how your customer’s language might have changed, and which sources you can turn to for decision-making during these changing times.

  • Part IV: What Google Knows vs What the Marketer Shows
  • Part V: How is Your Customers’ Language Changing?
  • Part VI: Using Search to Improve Customer Experiences


Reddict Scrape Reveals 5 Themes of Audience Concerns
by Teresa Lopez

Want Your Content to Succeed? Make it Resonate with the Right Audience
by Rand Fishkin

Data Studio Template for Monitoring Regional Trends During Reopenings
by Multiple Authors

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
by David Epstein

Identify Wasted Ad Spend:
by Wil Reynolds

Understand Your Audience:
SparkToro (Tool)


Exclusive Q&A

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  3. How Can You Take Advantage of Public Data if Yours is Limited?
  4. Which Digital Marketing Channels Will Be Utilized Most?
  5. Should Marketing Be Focused on Retention or Acquisition Right Now?
  6. Why is Being a Generalist Important During Uncertain Times?
  7. Which Marketing Channels are Best When Demand is High?


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