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How Important Is SEO Friendly Website Design?

October 3, 2019

SEO friendly website design is vital to the success of your website. Optimizing your site tells the search engines what your site is about by using relevant keywords. These related words help the search engines index your site and rank your pages compared to others with the same or similar keywords.

Some people start an SEO project by setting up links and commenting on blogs and forums. Even before those things are done, SEO friendly website design should be completed.

What is SEO friendly website design?

Ensuring that you feed lots of keywords into your website makes it SEO friendly and user-friendly as well. That is, it makes the page much more likely to be found when a user does a search on those keywords. People will type variations of keywords, so be sure to use related words as well when building the content of your site. The better job of adding your main keywords and related keywords to your site that you do, the better your chances are of being among the top sites for those words.

So, is it that simple? Just fill your pages with your keywords, and the traffic will come? The answer to that is, yes, sort of. Utilizing those keywords in certain ways also helps to bring more traffic, which is the goal of SEO friendly website design.

For instance, headlines are more highly rated by the search engines, so using your keywords in a page's headline, and in any subheadings, can work to your advantage. On the flip side, over stuffing your pages with keywords can earn you a penalty from Google, so try not to use the same words or phrases more than 5 percent of the time.

Technical help for SEO friendly website design

While fancy and technical editing tools make it easy to build your site, they do not make it simple for the search engines, or for SEO friendly website design. This software can add scripting codes that makes the site hard to crawl, or unreadable by the engines, which could cause the page to not be indexed. It is better to use standard Html for any coding you want to do.

Among other technical issues to be aware of is the use of Flash. Flash can't be read by the search engines, and causes slow loading time of your pages, so it isn't user-friendly either. Likewise, using frames can cause some search engines problems and cause your pages not to be spidered at all.

One technical aspect that can help is the use of Java Script or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which reduce the size of your pages and make download times quick. This also helps the spiders to index your pages quicker and improves your search engine rankings.

A proper sitemap navigates your users to their specific search quickly, without wasting time, and search engines love sitemaps. Having an appropriate title for the content, and each page is helpful as well.

Getting traffic to your website becomes easier as you fill your site with more compelling and relevant content. Just remember to use the most important keywords so that search engines and users will easily find you.