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February 13, 2018

B2 Web Studios is excited to have worked with our friends at Miron Construction on a new mobile app and website showcasing Oshkosh Corp.’s recently unveiled global headquarters. The https://oshkoshhq.com website and downloadable iOS and Android apps provide Oshkosh Corp. employees and the community with a tour of the new facility, and will track the progress of the building project. As the building project progresses through the 2019, this mobile app will be updated to include 3D flyover videos, important news updates, information for Oshkosh Team Members, and even a webcam feed from the construction site!

Once the building project is complete, app users be able to receive notifications about important news or upcoming corporate or community events, and more! The new Global Headquarters will help drive Oshkosh Corporation’s People First culture, allow for more efficient operation, help to retain and attract top talent and remain a key contributor in the community.


April 15, 2017

B2 Web Studios is very excited to announce the launching of a brand new website for Valley Liquor  in Little Chute, Wisconsin, earlier this month.

B2 Web Studios built a custom, responsive website, and migrated from Drupal CMS (Content Management System) to WordPress. The new website is more user-friendly for brides looking for information on Valley Liquor’s beverage catering services, with a design that better reflects Valley Liquor’s branding. As a digital agency based in the Fox Cities, the B2 Web Studios team feels privileged to have been chosen to design the new website for such a popular local business.

The updated branding and design make the new Valley Liquor website a sales and marketing tool, and helps to improve customer service, and provides a “hub” for a strong online branding presence. B2 Web Studios developed the new website to allow Valley Liquor staff to update content using a content management system (CMS). Featured specials, beverage pricing, adding new pages to the site, and other updates and edits are simple,” said B2 Web Studios Partner and Creative Director Jeanna Belau. “The flexibility of the WordPress CMS was a key project goal; we’re happy to have had the experience of working with Valley Liquor, and are excited to be a part of their new website’s success.”


March 17, 2017


A call-to-action is usually a link, image, or button designed to get your audience to take a desired action, such as clicking a link to learn more or calling your company directly. They’re invaluable as you try to convert visitors to paying customers, so you should definitely be using them in your website content, blog posts and mobile app screens.

Call Us Today! Click Here! Buy Now!

Download Our Free E-Book! Get a FREE offer here. Go ahead, tap that button…y’know you wanna! No matter its phrasing, the call-to-action, or CTA, is a mission-critical piece of your online marketing strategy.

The call-to-action can turn an idle visitor into a subscriber, a qualified lead, or (even better), a paying customer. It gives them the opportunity to engage more deeply with your brand by clicking an image button or text link. A truly great CTA can go way beyond being only a vehicle for your visitor to contact you or get something for free. It creates conversions.

What’s in a good call-to-action?

Your website visitor or mobile app user needs to get something out of the interaction, and this should be made crystal clear in the CTA. This could be anything from an estimate for your services, a downloadable whitepaper or infographic, or maybe a hug. I don’t know your business model. Ask yourself, “What’s my end goal?”

Say, for example, you need to collect contact information for potential prospects to promote a fancy new product line. It’s not easy to convince someone to hand over their email address or other info, but a compelling CTA that leads to a tempting content offer can work wonders.

Determine your offer and destination for your prospective customer’s click, then carefully focus on the CTA’s wording to drive engagement. Craft a call-to-action that appeals to your particular audience by studying past results, analyzing your audience, and enduring plenty of trial and error when learning which action words and design decisions provide the best result.

Sure, you may need a great landing page with an intuitive form, catchy banner graphics, a quality offer, a thank you page…and you’ve got to keep the prospect engaged once you’ve got their information, but it all starts with the call-to-action!


February 27, 2017

B2 Web Studios is happy to announce the launch of the newly redesigned responsive website for Appleton, Wisconsin based Epiphany Law, https://epiphanylaw.com

“Our goal was to make it incredibly easy to showcase their attorneys and learn about the various areas of business law and estate planning with video content. Making that information accessible on mobile devices ultimately helps in convincing website visitors to contact the law firm.” said B2 Web Studios President, Brett Belau. “We asked Epiphany Law what was most important to their clients in a legal website, and then worked closely to implement their vision.” What developed is a intuitive legal website with fresh and helpful resources, timely content and simple navigation.

In addition to the design facelift, the website migrated to WordPress from an older Joomla CMS (Content Management System) platform. This move helps to “future-proof” the website, and makes day-to-day management of the website much easier for Epiphany Law staff as they expanding its reach through blogging and social media. “The positive response to the new website has been outstanding,” Belau said. We hope you’ll will visit the new https://epiphanylaw.com and let us know what you think!


January 2, 2017 0

B2 Web Studios is incredibly thrilled to have hired the gorgeous and talented actress Linnea Sage to be the voice greeting callers to our new phone system! We’re also looking forward to having Ms. Sage record some additional voiceovers for online videos, and other marketing material in the works.

Linnea Sage lives in New York City, and is an actress and accomplished voiceover artist. She is the voice behind Nebula and Agent 13 in Marvel’s popular “Avengers Academy” video game, and is the star of the fullscreen web series, “WILDCATS!”. She has appeared in several other films and web series. To learn more about  out her website.


December 21, 2016 0

The B2 Web Studios team is excited to announce the official launch of the website for booking events and promoting the new Fox Cities Exhibition Center, which is scheduled to open next fall in Downtown Appleton.

The new responsive website, available at https://fcexhibitioncenter.com, was built using WordPress and a custom mobile-friendly theme. It allows meeting and event planners to book events online and look at floor plans for the exhibition center and the adjoining Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. It will also have updates on the building’s construction, and a link to Miron Construction’s VERY cool live construction web camera!

The logo was created by our great friends at A2Z Design, also located in downtown Appleton. The logo was inspired by the 82-foot lighted spire that’s a signature piece of the exhibition center’s design, and the colors are meant to reflect the natural hues of the building and its park-like setting.

A ceremonial groundbreaking for the new Fox Cities Exhibition Center was held in September 2016. The exhibition center will have 30,000 square feet facility, plus another 17,000 square feet of outdoor space incorporated with Jones Park.

Discussions about an exhibition and meeting center for the Fox Cities started nearly 30 years ago. Ten municipalities reached an agreement to fund the project with a 3 percent hotel room tax. The City of Appleton will put $4 million into the project, including road construction, and it will own the facility, which will be managed by the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.


December 12, 2016 0

Our team is super excited to announce the official unveiling of the new and refreshed B2 Web Studios branding and website design. The updated website features a bold new design and color scheme, ushering in a new era as B2 Web Studios as an established leader in web, mobile, and digital marketing throughout Wisconsin and the midwest.

As part of the re-design, we made significant updates to the layout and navigation for both the mobile and desktop versions of the new B2WebStudios.com, and also migrated to WordPress Content Management System, migrating away from the Joomla backend we’ve been using for the last several years. We’ve also improved the structure and readability of our content, so you can easily find the information you’re looking for. Besides these, there’s a bunch of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience of the adjust site that much better for you.

When we began the process of re-branding and overhauling our website, the main goal was to improve the experience for our clients and visitors to our website. So, we’ve added live chat, deeper integration with Zendesk, our amazing support ticket system, and improved capabilities for communicating with our clients about updates, outages, and other important messages. You’ll see additional features and functionality start rolling out within the next few weeks.

We hope you like the changes we’ve made, and would love to hear your feedback on our new look. Please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


December 5, 2016 0

B2 Web Studios is thrilled to announce the launch of a new website for ActivFit Bakery, a brand-new product line of sprouted grain bread and buns by Quaker Bakery Brands, Inc. in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The new responsive website for ActivFit Bakery was built to showcase their products, and to educate consumers on the health benefits of the sprouted grains used in their breads and buns. We designed the website to match their product packaging, using custom WordPress theme based on the amazing Divi framework.

You can check out the new ActivFit Bakery website at: https://activfit.com


September 23, 2016 0

“Why would you want to offer hosting? Hosting is hard!” We hear that a lot. Hosting is hard work, for sure. And that’s exactly why we offer it.

Most of our competition relies on external hosting companies for their clients’ websites. In a lot of cases, that’s ok. Until it’s not. Sure, it’s sometimes cheaper, requires a lot less and bigger hosting companies even offer reseller programs. Do you know where your data is being stored? How many other websites are running on the same server as yours…hundreds? Thousands? If there’s a problem, does your web designer have a recent backup or the ability to reboot the server running your website? Yikes.

So why bother with the stress of offering web hosting? Why get into a business that requires tremendous patience, extraordinary responsiveness, and technological wizardry? Because a website is only as good as the server that’s hosting it. Because our clients demand that their data stays safe and sound, and loads super-fast. And most importantly, because we love doing it. Our Linux admins have a passion for command line, cloud computing, and network security.

We serve the needs of only a sliver of the hosting marketplace, and that’s just fine – we do it in an exemplary way. B2 Web Studios has invested significantly in a robust network of SSD cloud servers strategically installed at multiple data centers across the United States. These incredibly powerful servers host websites and web applications for clients who simply don’t want to deal with hosting.

B2’s private cloud network was designed and built from scratch and is maintained and monitored by top-notch Linux server admins. It’s secure, redundant, and wicked fast. It’s not for everyone, and won’t try to be, but it’s definitely worth the price. We consider it a VIP service for those clients who publish content on their websites or online store, but don’t feel like worrying about security patches, backups, and other joys of server management (can you blame them?). We don’t offer feature-rich control panels for self-maintenance, because we do the maintaining for you. Think of it as your hosting concierge service. Want something installed or optimized? Just call us.