Bringing Transparency to a "Job Seekers" Market: Introducing Seer's Total Compensation Calculator

The Talent Team at Seer entered the New Year with a heavy requisition load and a precise hiring target for the first quarter of 2021: hire 27 team members by the end of Q1. (We’ve closed 26 to date!) 

These new hires fill a variety of roles across several divisions within the company — including SEO, Paid Media, Data Strategy, Analytics, Business Strategy, and People Operations. 

Our talent team is made up of three truly exceptional recruiters: Lauren Boyd, Rob Conklin, and Hillary Cohen. 

As the first quarter of has come to a close, our team has seen fascinating trends emerge within the recruiting space. 

  1. Expansion of reach with remote work
  2. A dip in acceptance rate in “job seeker” market
  3. Counter offers are coming from internal and external sources

In this post, we’ll talk through these trends and what we’re doing to innovate our way through the competition, while (hopefully!) helping folks out along the way.

Before you get started, access the calculator we created for you below:


Trend #1: Expansion of reach with remote work

We’ve completed 310 interviews in the last 3 months.

The market is HOT, especially within our space. 

Digital marketing roles grew 33% as companies continue to lean into digital efforts. With over 800,000 job openings, LinkedIn ranked digital marketing roles the 6th most in-demand job in the market.

Our recruiting approach is a combination of outbound and inbound efforts, resulting in interviews with both passive and active candidates. 

We’re finding that passive candidates are more open than ever to having a conversation. We believe there’s a direct correlation between increased competition within our passive candidate cohort and the new remote landscape. 

Remote Work is a great thing for a myriad of reasons, one of which, is access to talent. Organizations have dramatically increased their candidate reach, overnight.

Candidates, too, have increased their options. Most notably, with Remote Work and distributed teams, comes virtual interviews. 

Before the overnight acceleration of Remote Work, candidates needed to take time off from work to interview. 

Conservatively, I’d estimate a candidate would need to take 4-8 hours to complete an interview process with one organization. 

Candidates had to be selective about who they would interview with, balancing how much of their vacation time they were willing to spend interviewing when they weren’t even sure if they were interested in a new opportunity.

Now, candidates can take interviews from the comfort of their home office, on their lunch break, with zero commute time to and from the interview, and can be back at work with the click of a button. 

It’s never been easier to interview. It’s never been easier to evaluate your options faster. Combine this dynamic with the current appetite for digital talent, there’s no surprise the market is as hot as it is today.

Trend #2: A dip in acceptance rate

Our offer acceptance rate has shifted from 89% to 81%.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve seen our offer acceptance rate drop 8% over YoY. 

The root cause: multiple competing offers. 

We’re seeing competing offers within both of our active and passive candidate cohorts. Typically, competing offers are exclusive to our active candidate cohort.

During my first ~5 years recruiting at Seer, most applicants would be interviewing with 1-3 other local companies. There’s been a palpable increase in the number of opportunities that each candidate is interviewing for throughout 2021. Given the industry-wide shift towards remote work, Seer is competing for talent on a national-scale and most candidates are considering 4+ opportunities. Additionally, we’ve seen an uptake in the number of sizable counteroffers, so we’re also competing against the candidate’s employer.

– Lauren B. | Sr. People Operations Manager

Trend #3: Counter offers are coming from internal and external sources

100% of our declined offers had competing counter offers both internally and externally.

Additionally, we’re seeing competing offers from multiple directions.

Externally, which is typical, these are other organizations that the candidate is actively interviewing with and considering. 

Internally, this is uncommon, these are current employers who are counter offering to retain their employees who present them with an external offer and impending resignation.

Internal counter offers, seemingly, are at an all time high.

We have to meet candidates where they are, with total transparency.

We can choose to fight the market, keep doing what we’ve always done and employ a strategy of hope.  Or, we can respond thoughtfully to what we’re seeing in a way that reflects our values.

Candidates are shopping now more than ever. We feel that there is an unique opportunity to embrace this in way that:

  • Helps candidates on the job market, regardless of their industry or interest in Seer
  • Supports candidates in their due diligence. 
  • Allow candidates to consider immediate and long-term pros and cons of competing offers
  • Highlights Seer’s values and our commitment to transparency

Making career decisions can be stressful; we believe it’s less stressful if you have all of the information you need to enable you to make a decision that aligns with your evolving priorities.

Introducing Seer’s Total Compensation Calculator

A day and a half after a conversation about the market (which sounded a lot like what you’ve read above), an idea about how Seer can embrace the market and better articulate our value to candidates came to life. 

Emily Meekins showed up to our next Zoom meeting having brought these ideas to life with Seer’s Total Compensation Calculator and Seer Cares.

Are you asking the right questions? Use our calculator to support your career move.


We hope you find this tool helpful, whether you’re actively or passively considering your career journey. 

Also, if you have thoughts on how we can make it better, we want to hear from you!

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