Could Facebook and Instagram Really Be Banned in Europe?
New Data Transfer Agreement Will Ensure That Facebook and Instagram Remain Operational in Europe

So it seems like Facebook and Instagram won’t be shut down in Europe after all. As you may recall, early last month, there was a sudden burst of speculation around the future of Meta’s apps in Europe after Meta shared

What to Do When There's Not Enough Traffic for A/B Testing
What to Do When There’s Not Enough Traffic for A/B Testing

So, you are dying to run an A/B test on that one site/product/app/feature you think you can improve. But the user traffic is so low that it seems to be statistically unfeasible to run the test. Has this situation ever

YouTube Answers Common Creator Queries About Shorts
YouTube Answers Common Creator Queries About Shorts

YouTube has shared some new insights into the development of its TikTok clone ‘Shorts’, addressing some of the most common creator questions in a new video uploaded to the Creator Insider channel. With Shorts viewing on the rise, more creators

How Seer Creative Transforms UX Audit Findings into Page Optimizations
Why UX Audits Can’t Be Automated

Purpose of a UX Audit When was the last time you audited the buttons and links on your site for visual consistency and color usage? Or reviewed your various header styles? Streamlining small elements like these have a big impact