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March 17, 2017


A call-to-action is usually a link, image, or button designed to get your audience to take a desired action, such as clicking a link to learn more or calling your company directly. They’re invaluable as you try to convert visitors to paying customers, so you should definitely be using them in your website content, blog posts and mobile app screens.

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Download Our Free E-Book! Get a FREE offer here. Go ahead, tap that button…y’know you wanna! No matter its phrasing, the call-to-action, or CTA, is a mission-critical piece of your online marketing strategy.

The call-to-action can turn an idle visitor into a subscriber, a qualified lead, or (even better), a paying customer. It gives them the opportunity to engage more deeply with your brand by clicking an image button or text link. A truly great CTA can go way beyond being only a vehicle for your visitor to contact you or get something for free. It creates conversions.

What’s in a good call-to-action?

Your website visitor or mobile app user needs to get something out of the interaction, and this should be made crystal clear in the CTA. This could be anything from an estimate for your services, a downloadable whitepaper or infographic, or maybe a hug. I don’t know your business model. Ask yourself, “What’s my end goal?”

Say, for example, you need to collect contact information for potential prospects to promote a fancy new product line. It’s not easy to convince someone to hand over their email address or other info, but a compelling CTA that leads to a tempting content offer can work wonders.

Determine your offer and destination for your prospective customer’s click, then carefully focus on the CTA’s wording to drive engagement. Craft a call-to-action that appeals to your particular audience by studying past results, analyzing your audience, and enduring plenty of trial and error when learning which action words and design decisions provide the best result.

Sure, you may need a great landing page with an intuitive form, catchy banner graphics, a quality offer, a thank you page…and you’ve got to keep the prospect engaged once you’ve got their information, but it all starts with the call-to-action!